Car Exhaust Pipe Burger Grill For People On The Road

I assure you that the world hasn’t seen its last WTF of the week when it comes to completely insane innovations. We have featured quite a few here on Bit Rebels, and every single time you guys have responded with your thoughts and concerns. Getting your responses is actually one of the best parts when it comes to writing about them. By that, I mean a lot of innovators out there can learn from what you have to say, and they get input that they wouldn’t get otherwise. This week I am going to treat you to something that might come as a little bit of a shock to you all. Some people may think it’s just fake, and some might have concerns about it. I know I did. It’s the car exhaust burger grill accessory for your car which I am going to be talking about in this article.

The list of people who have put their input into this car exhaust grill is nothing else than insane and almost worthy of the cast listing for a Hollywood movie. The people involved with bringing this innovation to reality are Roohollah Merrikhpour, Mina Mirzahossein, Narges Alam, Hani SaghaiyanElmira Manafnejad, Sanaz Ghaem Maghami, and Navvab Bahreyni.

So what is this thing? Well, it’s an accessory that you attach to your car exhaust pipe. Put a raw burger patty into it, drive for a few minutes, and then you should have a perfectly edible burger for lunch. The isolated meat pocket (that doesn’t sound very appetizing does it?) is a little box attached to the holder which is itself attached to the car exhaust pipe. By isolating the burger pocket from the car exhaust smoke, you will apparently keep any kind of pollution from coming into the meat. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t eat anything that has been attached to my car exhaust or my car for that matter. But then again, that’s just me. So, what are your thoughts about this thing? Would you attach this to your car exhaust pipe and eat your delicious burger when it’s cooked, and you are done driving?

Car Exhaust Burger Grill Innovation

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Via: [Technabob]