Car Technology That Will Make Driving Safer

Technology has brought so much convenience to our way of life. Since the invention of the automobile, we have been able to reach point A to point B with ease through driving, and it changed our lives. Cars have allowed us to bridge gaps and shorten times of travel over considerable distances.

While driving cars has undoubtedly made our travel faster and more convenient, it doesn’t guarantee to keep us safe from mishaps and unpredictable safety threats that can occur. Thanks to several years of innovation, car companies have come up with car safety technology that not only keeps the car safe but, more importantly, the riders themselves.

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Adaptive Cruise Control Technology

Several modern cars have adaptive cruise control technology. This technology allows drivers to choose and keep a constant speed without stepping on the accelerator. Another feature of this technology is it can detect vehicles in front of you and adjust your speed to maintain a safe following distance. Some further innovations are added to this technology include an emergency braking system to help slow down your vehicle to avoid a collision.

Adaptive Headlights

Another responsive technology that has been integrated into cars are adaptive headlights. These lights are specially designed to help illuminate the road ahead during turns. They help improve nighttime visibility on curved roads. These lights adjust to illuminate the roadway ahead of the curve. Also, vehicles going the other lane can see you coming from behind the curve.

Anti-Lock Braking System

The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) has been one of the early technologies made for the safety of drivers. It has been around for many years that it became a built-in safety requirement to keep brakes from locking up when they stop.

Drivers may not notice this feature anymore, but this has dramatically improved their safety over the years. It may not always help drivers to stop more quickly; it can help them remain in control of the vehicle when you stop by preventing the wheels from skidding.

Backup Cameras

The advent of this technology has significantly helped in keeping vehicles and drivers safe. This system usually features a dashboard monitor and a rear-mounted camera or a dashboard camera or both. Jebaily Law Firm car accident lawyers highly recommend that you equip your car with cameras to provide solid and unadulterated documentation when you get involved in an accident.

It would provide tamper-proof records of the events before, during, and after the accident, which can increase the value of your claim for settlement negotiations. Also, should court cases or insurance providers need documentation of the accident, you are sure to provide it in high definition and vivid detail, even bringing your smartphone or failing to take pictures right after the crash.

Frontal Collision Warning System

This is one of the advanced safety systems that are designed to quickly detect impending frontal collisions. It helps drivers reduce the impact or even completely avoid a collision with another vehicle in front of you.

The technology uses radar, laser, or camera sensors to scan for the presence of other vehicles, pedestrians, and other road obstructions and to monitor the distance between your car and the vehicles in front of you and the speeds they are moving at.

If the system detects an imminent crash, it provides an alert to the driver to take action or automatically take over and brake the vehicle, and heighten your safety by pre-charging the brakes and tightening the seatbelts.

Technology has gone a long way in keeping us safe behind the wheel. However, no matter how advanced the safety features are, it is still the driver that has full control of the vehicle and the situation. Drivers should always have the alertness, presence of mind, and vigilance when it comes to driving. Enhancements are there to heighten the possibility of arriving at your destination safely.

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