WiBro-Bridge: Share Your Wi-Fi With Just A Touch!

The connectivity through cable is a memory for most people when it comes to laptops and netbooks. With our laptops we can enjoy cable free living with access to the virtual world from just about anywhere we want to be. However, there is still a problem that most people struggle with, which can become quite an annoyance at times. It’s the sharing of a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes there just aren’t enough connections for everyone, but there is a handy little solution for that now. It comes in the form of a little ball.

The WiBro-Bridge is an unconventionally designed Wi-Fi router that enables you to share your connection with 7 other people, and it’s super simple too. With just a touch on the screen, you’re pretty much ready to go. At first I thought it was certainly something that must have been developed by Apple, but this time it’s not.

The developers and designers of this really nice little device are Jung Ho Bang and Kwangsung Kim. They are two brilliant minds that truly know what design is all about. The two colored LCD touch screen is a perfect communicator that will show you exactly what you need to know about the network you are setting up and maintaining. It will handle connections from a range of different gadgets like Nintendo DS, iPod, iPhone… yeah pretty much anything you can think of. It’s a perfect little gadget for the small office.

Via: [Tuvie]