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Choosing a method of CBD dosing is a personal choice. Everyone has a preference and a method that works best for their symptoms. Oils are great for quick relief and can be mixed in a tincture with essential oils. Pills offer a more traditional approach to dosing. The amount can also be well regulated with pills. Mini vaporizers are becoming more common for those that choose this alternate from of pain relief. These can be carried easily in a pocket or purse, making them a discreet option for those on the go. A vaporizer offers some unique qualities.

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Size And Heating

Many people look for a CBD product that can be taken with them when they are out for the day. They do not, however, want others to be informed of their usage. The davinci iq vaporizer is a reliable product made to be portable and concealable. This particular item is small enough to be hidden in your fist, yet boasts great durability. It weighs a bit more than some of the other popular options. At about 145 grams, it feels incredibly stable when held. Standard weights are anywhere from 55 to 95 grams.

Heating can be a complex issue when you need to take a dose quickly. The DaVinci model hits a desired temperature within 45 seconds. You won’t be late returning from your break because of this product. You can choose a custom temperature anywhere between 250F and 430F.


The original package of this DaVinci product comes with two mouthpieces. There may be more for order at a later date. Those that use their vaporizer in public may prefer to use the recessed version. This one is more discreet than the raised mouthpiece. The recessed one cannot be seen at all when you wrap your hand around the vaporizer. Both mouthpieces work well to deliver the CBD product, with no complications. The raised mouthpiece may simply make you feel a little less inhibited when you are in the privacy of your own home. These are standard options with most vaporizers.

Flavor Chamber

A flavor chamber is a bit of a luxury but can be extremely helpful for new users. Many people take time to get used to the flavor of CBD products. If this is an issue, you can easily add various herbs to the chamber. Mint leaves are a popular option for masking the natural CBD flavor. Different batches of CBD may taste different, as they tend to absorb things from the soil around them. If you are particular about the flavor, you can try CBD materials from various dispensaries. You may prefer yours grown in a different environment.

Take your time when choosing a vaporizer. Think about the reasons you need one. The portable models are great for individuals that use their CBD products on the go. An easily concealed model is the best option for most people, especially those that work in a conservative office environment. There are several options to choose from, even on these small versions. There is sure to be one that fits your dosing style.

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