Mac Belt Is An iPad Mini Stand Built Right Into Your Belt

Are you looking for a way to position your iPad Mini to make reading and typing easier, especially when you’re on the go? Sure, there are cases available that feature stands for various Apple products now, but unless you have a table to rest it on, it might not be that efficient. For example, while riding on a bus or a train, the traditional stand-up cases might cause your device to fall over since there may not be a table around, plus you’re bound to hit several bumps that will knock it over. There must be a better solution.

Irish start-up company, CloudyStar, may have found the solution to this problem. The company recently started a Kickstarter campaign for their official design concept called the Mac Belt. The Mac Belt can be worn like any ordinary belt, but in lieu of a buckle, it features a hidden compartment that can unfold into a stand for your iPad Mini. This will allow you to position your device with ease whenever you are sitting down and in an area where there is nothing to lean your iPad Mini up against.

The Mac Belt can be easily customized to show off your unique personality and sense of style as well. In the video below, they show a variety of buckle covers featuring everything from Facebook to Betty Boop to Batman. Covers slide in and out of the buckle and can easily be changed. When you want to use the belt as an iPad Mini stand, simply open it and slide your iPad Mini directly into the stand.

CloudyStar recently relaunched their Kickstarter fund after temporarily suspending it due to family bereavement. They are now looking to raise £25,000 (just under $40,000). CloudyStar has yet to announce a price for their belt. However, they did mention the rubber mold belt buckle will be available in silver, black, white, red, blue and pink. It will attach to a leather belt available in brown, black, and white. Sizes will be available from small (30″ – 32″) through XXL (42″ – 44″). Would you wear a Mac Belt? How would you style it? If you’d like to see this concept become reality, feel free to donate on the Mac Belt Kickstarter page.

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Via: [CloudyStar]