Why Cell Phone Signal Is So Bad Inside Large Corporate Buildings

You’re sitting in your office, trying to make a call or send a text, suddenly your conversation disappears and your call drops. Your left thinking, could it be a poor signal, again?

Probably you’ve noted that this only happens when you enter a certain building. It doesn’t need to be in an area characterized with poor signal or underground, no. if you move out, there’s a chance your phone signal will return.

In such a case, you will need to install a signal booster in your office or corporate building. In this article, we’ll look at why your call is likely to drop or experience disruptions in your corporate offices. Have a look.

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1. Heavy Traffic

Look around your colleagues in the office. Chances are high that most of them if not all are doing the same thing as you are doing; surfing the internet, calling or texting on their cell phones.

All these signals will be fighting for space in the nearest cellular tower. The good news is, once you connect to the tower, the chances of your call dropping are minimal. However, the higher the traffic the lower the quality of your cell phone signal.

Well, if your recipient is on an already full tower, the chances of your call dropping are quite high.

2. The Use Of Metal Cage Match

Some construction materials will not allow the cell phone signals to go through them. These materials include metal, concrete, and glass.

These materials are notorious for reflection cellular signals from them. If this happens, reception becomes a nightmare across the entire building.

It’s worth noting that most corporate buildings are made from these materials. If you are to use this building for your business operations, it can be disastrous for your business.

Imagine running a hospital or a business in an area where there is a cellular blackspot? Well, the scenario can be detrimental to your business. As an entrepreneur, you want an office where customers and other stakeholders can contact you easily.

3. The Distance Between The Cellular Tower And Your Corporate Building

If the distance between the cellular tower and your office is high, then the chances of your call dropping are high.

The situation is even worse when you are using a weaker cellular transmitter. Here, your phone will not be able to transmit the signals to the cellular tower. In the end, your call drops.

4. Obstacles Between Your Office And The Cellular Tower

Well, the biggest hindrance that affects cellular signals negatively is the materials used in constructing the building. Here, you can only get clear signals if you move closer to the doors or windows. If your windows are tinted, then getting the signals becomes challenging.

However, other than these walls, obstacles between the building and the cell tower will adversely affect the signals. These objects will include trees and other building.

Geographical features will also contribute to the cell signal obstruction. Where the building is on one side of the mountain and the cellular tower is on the other end of the mountain, your signal is likely to be poor.

When there are too many obstacles and the traffic is high, there is a chance your calls and texts will not go through.

How To Remedy This

Well, poor signals mean that your communications with stakeholders are likely to be disrupted. This is not good for your enterprise. So, what do you do?

The simplest way to ensure the phone signals are strong in your offices is by buying and installing a reputable signal booster.

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