A Future Look At The 2020 Cell Phone: It’s On Your Wrist

The iPhone has almost gone out of style, and I say almost due to the many recent events where the iPhone has plunged in popularity. Everyone seems to focus more on the features they want rather than the cool and highly usable touch screen. Sure, the touch screen of course won’t go away, but it once dazzled us and now everyone has it. That’s when you know you have to reinvent the cell phone to dazzle us again.

Designer Hiromi Kiriki decided to take on the challenge and create what could be the 2020 model cell phone that everyone wants. Surprisingly, it’s a hybrid of… uh… everything really. The many ground breaking features make it even sexier if you ask me. How about a see-through holographic keyboard, bendable LED screen and a truly innovative nano scale screen which will change the way we see movies and visuals in general. Imagine being able to use a keyboard while you drive and still being able to see the road ahead of you, that is if you are able to type with one hand.

Even though it looks quite futuristic and some design ideas (such as the Sony logo) are downright ugly, it still has huge potential. It has been foreseen that all the technology necessary to build this cell phone will be available in 2020. So now all we have to do is wait and start planning that beach party in 2020 where all of us will join in on the disco lights at the beach I guess…