How To Change iOS 7 Icons Back To iOS 6 Icons (Or Customize Icons)

When I first upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 7, it felt like a drastic change. For the first few hours, it felt like I had a completely different phone. I like the new iOS 7 icons, but I know a lot of people who don’t. They are definitely different, and if you don’t like them, you can change them back. Yep, you can revert your iOS 7 icons back to the iOS 6 icons without downgrading your phone back to iOS 6 or jailbreaking it.

Another thing you may not realize is that you can replace many of your iOS 7 icons with custom images of your own (instead of reverting them back to the iOS 6 icons). If you want to go back to the iOS 6 icons, you can just watch the 4 minute tutorial video below. It’s not hard, you just have to know what you’re doing.

If you want to replace your iOS 7 icons with custom images, you can click over on this WonderHowTo link to get the complete tutorial with pictures. There is something about the idea of using images from the camera roll as icons that seems fun to me. It’s a much more creative way to personalize an iPhone than just getting a new case.

You don’t have to use camera roll pics though. You can also choose a web image if you’d prefer. It’s your choice of course. Hopefully this will really help you or someone you know who doesn’t like the new iOS 7 icons. Like I said, I really like the new icons (which are based on the golden ratio grid). They look modern and sophisticated to me, but not everyone feels the same way. Thank goodness there is an easy way to change them.

Revert Your iOS 7 Icons Back To The iOS 6 Design

(or customize them)


Via: [WonderHowTo]


  • comment-avatar
    Steven Reiser 9 years

    THANK YOU!!! I LOVE the iOS 6 icons and find the iOS 7 icons utterly revolting and nauseating… THANKS!!!

  • comment-avatar
    chris 9 years

    Great idea. Too bad you can only replace a small portion of your icons via icustom, which makes the whole exercise pointless unless you want a weird mish-mash of old and new icons on your phone.

    • comment-avatar
      Eva 8 years

      It is a miss-mash anyway, I noticed that the iBooks icon has not been changed (or hardly), actually it surprised me that the iBook app interface still looks the same (or almost the same) with the bookshelf look&feel.

  • comment-avatar
    Christine 9 years

    iOS7 is rubbish! It sucks that you cannot revert back to iOS6.
    Decided to get out of Apple and get another phone

  • comment-avatar
    Alby 9 years

    Can I get the iPhone 5c to the older version icons? At first I thought. It was very Microsoft like, harder to use and just bizarre.

  • comment-avatar

    Apple has been at the forefront of accessibility. Now, for people with less than perfect vision, we have a phone that is harder to use because of the loss of the drop shadow on the labels and the icons that are not well defined. It’s too bad Apple will not allow a choice. Actually, we are a graphic design studio, and don’t even understand why the new icons are somehow touted as being superior design. They are different, but different does not always mean superior.

  • comment-avatar
    Paula Ongmanchi 9 years

    Apple sucks! Its fucking slow!

  • comment-avatar


    What is happening to the web? Everything is becoming user-UN-friendly. iOS7 is just one of many assaults by the new Big Brother.

    Twitter blocked me. Even wordpress blocked me until I complained about paying for a service that blocked me … then it was, “Oh, you are not a virus.”


    Why have all the computer viruses started attacking normal people?

    Why is iOS7 such a terrible TERRIBLE interface …. if I wanted to LEARN A NEW OS, I would switch back to Microsoft ….

    Thank you for trying to make the experience better, but Apple is losing its customer loyalty ….


  • comment-avatar


    This tutorial is torture …. It will take me 5 MINUTES per icon …. and a mine field of booby traps trying to get me to install adware ….

    How do we just go back to a non-childish OS? I am NOT FIVE years old anymore. This is not CUTE.

    Thank you,


  • comment-avatar
    Jdub 9 years

    Hallelujah!!! I can now return to a professional looking device and not some Fisher Price toy!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Harley 9 years

    Where can I get the iOS 6 icons? The files? I want to change all the iOS 7 child coloring book icons back to the iOS 6 professional looking icons. Also, is there any way to change all the bright white background to soft gray so I stop wearing sunglasses to read something? Thanks!

  • comment-avatar
    Shahin 9 years

    Cydia tweak IOS 6 icons to IOS 7.
    First need to instal Winterboard from cydia also .

  • comment-avatar
    Nadrae 9 years

    To bad this this method does not even work, after a bunch of time spent getting icon pics and navigating adds I found that ya it adds the icon to the desktop but it does not work half the time… Phone will only call one number, mail always opens a new mail and safari always opens a blank page oh and Calendar won’t update the date…. I am disappointed and done. I love apple but I don’t need to be reminded that apple is for kids, old folk and the less tech literate every time I turn on my phone! Give me back my professional looking apps and take these child drawn, windows paint style icons away… Yeesh

  • comment-avatar
    junaid 8 years

    i want to change ios 6

  • comment-avatar
    Dangerus 8 years

    Just glad I stayed with iOS 6. But I’ll be gutted if iOS8 is more of the same …
    When it’s upgrade time I’ll probably see what else Is available cause if I need to learn a new OS then there’s plenty out to choose from and
    Apple are so behind the curve !!
    Bad move with forcing this change on loyal users!!!