How To Charge Your Phone Safely And Securely

You can meet with life-threatening consequences if you use a fake mobile phone charger. Make sure safety is your priority with this vital guide to safer mobile phone charging. House fires have been on the rise and mobile phone chargers which are not safe have been labeled the guilty party. Since over 1.8 million phone chargers are sold online each year in the UK, it is all too easy to end up a victim to one if you choose a fake charger to charge your phone with.

Chargers which are poor quality or counterfeit can be deadly – to charge your phone safely follow our tips.

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1. Don’t Go For A Cheap Charger

You can get yourself a phone charger online for as little as £1 – a whole lot cheaper than the branded counterparts. However, what you are not guaranteed is that they meet the UK and EU safety standards.

Once you plug them into your socket, a cheap phone charger can actually explode – fire and safety experts say that this is due to cheap wiring and the use of sub-standard parts. In addition, your phone may not charge properly and your battery may even end up damaged.

Below you will find a few great tips to give your battery a longer life.

2. Problems With Universal Chargers

Whilst most phones today use standard USB-connection chargers, stay away from cheap universal chargers sold online which say they work with a wide variety of phones and tablet devices.

Various devices tend to need different charging levels, so a single charger could lead to your phone battery either overheating or becoming less efficient

3. Get Yourself A Genuine Charger

Even though it is more expensive, always purchase an official charger for your phone model as it will have been expertly tested to make sure that it meets all UK safety standards. It’s not just the name that you are paying that bit extra for – it is also for your own peace of mind.

If you really must get a third-party option, make sure that you buy it from a brand that is approved and trustworthy.

4. Do Not Cover Your Charger When You’re Not Using It

All of us have heard stories of a phone going up in flames or exploding when it is being charged. As well as making sure your charger is genuine, be sure that nothing is covering the phone when it is charging, this will allow the heat to safely dissipate.

5. Do Not Charge Your Phone Overnight

Don’t let your phone charger unattended, especially overnight. Granted your phone stops taking charge once it is full, but the actual charger could still overheat, particularly if it is on a flammable surface.

You won’t be as alert to a fire when sleeping. Get a smoke alarm installed and check it regularly to make sure it is working. Take a look at our guide to fixing common problems with your phone.

6. Be On The Lookout For Charger Damage

Is your cable frayed? Do you have a loose connection? Are the plug pins wobbly? If the charger looks worse for wear, it’s time to buy a new one. A damaged charger is a fire hazard and could cause electrocution if an exposed part is touched when it is plugged in or even when unplugging it.

7. Out And About

When out and about you can use a battery pack to charge your phone – these portable devices have made the whole process a lot easier. If you don’t have one then you can always be on the lookout for cell phone charging lockers. These are a safe and smart way to charge a device.

8. Do Not Overload Your Sockets

Don’t use a multi-plug adapter to plug in a number of devices for charge. You will be better off with a long strip adapter but they can still only take a total of 13 amps.

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