ChargeBite: iPhone Power Cannibalism Goes Mainstream

There are no shortage of power chargers on the market for any smartphone these days. All you really have to do is walk into an electronics store, and you will pretty much be presented with a boatload of them. What you choose is of course a personal preference, but you always want to pick the one that will enable you the most mobility, right? Concepts are usually based on the availability of a power outlet, but the ChargeBite charger takes a power cannibalism approach instead.

Instead of you having to muck about trying to find a power outlet, it only takes a friend with another iPhone, and you will be able to leech some power into your own iPhone. It’s a pretty interesting concept, and one that could possibly make power cannibalism mainstream. As with most new power charger concepts, this one is currently getting a lot of interest from possible consumers. As of right now, it’s a startup project run through the popular crowdfunding platform Indie Go Go.

The bright minds behind this intriguing idea are innovators Liran Elihay and Asaf Gaber, founders of the ChargeBite startup. The concept is simple and doesn’t require any external power to work. You can actually just attach the power cannibalism device to your keychain or even just keep it in your pocket or bag. When you run out of power, you can just bust it out, connect one or two iPhones (iPods or iPads) to the ChargeBite, and let the power cannibalism run its course. If you worry about draining all the power from your friends phones, no worries. This process ensures that your phone only charges until the power is equally divided between the phones. Pretty nifty, right?

The ChargeBite power cannibalism device startup is currently looking for funding. The Indie Go Go campaign just started, and with 44 days left, the guys behind the ChargeBite are looking to raise $45,000. With a device like this, that shouldn’t be too hard, right? There have been other devices similar to this one, but none have really become successful enough to make the concept an everyday gadget. The ChargeBite could possibly be the gadget that makes power cannibalism mainstream. Pledge to get your own ChargeBite device.

ChargeBite Charger – Power Cannibalism Goes Mainstream

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Via: [Technabob]