Check out the new “Stick Keyboard” | Foldable Keyboard

Are you tired of bulky keyboards around the desk and also when you travel? Well, join the many millions of people that would truly like to be able to bring a real keyboard with them while the travel to be able to easier and faster type stuff on their iPhone for example. Well, even though this keyboard is not purely for the iPhone it sure has a wide use for anyone that hates bulky keyboards. And let me tell you, there’s a LOT of people that does that.

Yanko Design has developed a keyboard that actually folds and is connected through bluetooth. The true reason it was ever conceived was to eliminate or lower the amount of bacterial usual found on your keyboard. After so many people using one and the same keyboard there is no telling on what exactly has stuck to your keyboard. And even even if you could get to the bottom with it, believe me, you don’t want to know.

The “Stick” keyboard is just about the coolest thing you can imagine and it, in my opinion, even surpasses the keyboard from Apple. The slim one. When I first bought the bluetooth one I truly didn’t like it. I somewhat started liking it after a few weeks only to completely hating it again after about a month. The bluetooth one is really too small and this new keyboard from Yanko Design looks way more comfortable.

Stick Keyboard - 3

Stick Keyboard - 4

Stick Keyboard - 1

Stick Keyboard - 2

Stick Keyboard - 5