Choosing The Right Alligator Case

The iPhone is more than just a phone. This is an indicator of status, social level, and prosperity. Having an iPhone now is not only convenient but also prestigious. Therefore, it must always look perfect. To protect iPhones and to keep the original look longer, cases are used. Let’s find out how to choose the best case.

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Set On The Protection Requirements

The choice of a case depends a lot on your lifestyle. For example, if you work in a construction company, then you should take a look at cases with increased protection. If you like boating, take a waterproof one. If you need everyday protection and want to emphasize your style, take a leather case, especcialy you’ll enjoy alligator skin iphone case. Find the level of protection you need based on your way of life.

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Define The Type And Material

To pitch upon a perfect case, you have to select the model. There are various iPhone case types. They differ in material and protection.

  • Slim case. This is the most widespread case type. It is minimal and compact; so, it does not grab attention from the phone. It is ideal for everyday wear. It protects against minor scratches in your pocket or bag and keeps it from dust and dirt. However, if you are not a very careful user, then such protection will not be enough for you. Slim cases are usually made of plastic or rubber.iPhone Cases Preview Article Image 2

  • Flip case. It is also a very popular type among customers. Usually made of carbon fiber or artificial/genuine leather, such cases look massive and bright. They are available in many color variations; so, you can match any color to your phone. The disadvantage of these covers is the lack of protection on the sides. Dirt can build up at the docking points and scratch the screen.iPhone Cases Preview Article Image 3

  • Hard Core Case. This type of case does an excellent job of protecting the phone. They are made of durable and resistant materials. Usually used by people at construction enterprises, factories, etc. since there is a high risk of damage and impact on the phone. On the other hand, these cases are cumbersome and unattractive.

  • Waterproof case. This is an innovative type of case that reliably protects the phone from water and moisture. Its main drawback is the price as waterproof cases tend to be more expensive.

The main materials for manufacturing cases are plastic, silicon, aluminum, artificial leather, and genuine leather.

Genuine leather is one of the best choices. First of all, leather cases look great; they emphasize the status and style of the owner. Secondly, they perfectly protect from dirt, dust, and moisture and retain their original appearance for a long time. The service life of a leather case is several times longer than, for example, a silicone one.

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Labodet offers dozens of leather cases of premium quality. Here, you can buy both traditional calfskin cases and more exotic options from python, ostrich, alligator, or cobra. All cases are available in 10 colors and 3 fittings; so, you can assemble your perfect case according to your taste.

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Check Reviews And Product Rating

If you are planning to buy a case online, then read the reviews of real buyers about the company and the product. This will help you form a coherent opinion.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask

If you have questions about the color, material, model, or size, do not be afraid to ask questions to customer support. Labodet has a support email form on the website. Quality employees will resolve your issue within 24 hours.

Moreover, there is a FAQ inset, where you can find answers on the most popular topics.

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