Clipix: The Tool That Will Organize Your Life Like A Ninja

Did you know that ninjas can run 100 miles on their hands, they can secretly live in your house for days, and they can dodge bullets? Only a ninja can kill a ninja, which makes humans completely useless. I’m sure a ninja invented the Internet. If you want to become a ninja, you have to train 20 hours a day for years.

There is another option though. You could simply start using the free online tool called Clipix. I have no doubt you will suddenly find yourself so organized that your family and friends will start calling you a ninja.

It’s interesting to me how we find out about the most amazing things in the most random ways. I’ve written before that I love NYC, and my favorite radio station in the whole country is Z100, which is in NYC. When I’m in Atlanta, I listen to that station on the Internet, and last week I heard an advertisement for a website called Clipix. Now a week later, I’ve decided I have to share this with you because I think it could finally be the key to my getting organized once and for all. Clipix is an online tool with a user interface somewhat similar to Pinterest, and it allows you to organize your online life.

If you are like me, when you come across those things online that you want to save for later, you either bookmark the webpage, or you just try to remember to go back to it. I usually never go back to those things since I can’t remember where I saw them, and I’m sure I’ve missed out on a lot of great articles, sales, vacation destinations, tutorials, technology updates, etc. because of it.

If this has happened to you too, now there is a solution to that problem, and it’s called Clipix. Like Pinterest, on Clipix you set up clipboards (instead of pinboards); however, there is a big difference here. Clipix is not a social media site designed to provide a constant feed of what everyone is sharing in the form of images. Instead, it’s a useful tool for you to use for yourself to organize the digital content in your life.

The best part is, on Clipix, you can keep as many of your clipboards private as you like! Privacy is such a big deal in today’s online culture, and with everything that has happened on Facebook, I think all of us are aware of it now more than ever before. Privacy is the the top priority of Clipix. The number one reason why so many people are moving their pins over to Clipix is because of the privacy feature. A lot of people have personal things that they want to keep handy online, but they don’t want to share them with the world. Clipix is the only place where you can keep everything stored on private clipboards.

On Pinterest, it’s all about the images you share with the world & the people in your network.
On Clipix, it’s all about YOU, not your network.


You can share your clips with other people, but you’ll only want to do that with people who care. As Oded, the founder of Clipix, explained to me in a very funny way, if your wife wants to show you a selection of couches she chose so you can tell her which one you like best, she can share that clipboard with you so you can check them all out without going to a bunch of different websites. The Clipix feature called Syncboard would allow the husband and wife to both see, in real-time, when the other adds anything to the Syncboard. How cool is that?

And, it’s obviously not just about images either; you can clip pages of text… or anything at all that you want to “save for later.” This even includes files from your computer like documents from Word, Excel and even PDFs. Custom thumbnails for clips without images are also a very popular feature.

Although I love Pinterest, I’ve read a few articles lately that concern me when it comes to copyrights. Clipix takes this very seriously, and they’ve taken preemptive measures regarding this copyright issue. They apply watermarks to all clips in order to protect the lawful owner of those images, which I’m sure will make a lot of people very happy. There will be no legal concerns with Clipix.

If you are ready for ultimate ninja-like organization, you will love the multiboard feature. It allows you to group your clipboards together by category, but then you can also make categories within your categories. For example, if you like interior design, you might have several clipboards within your interior design category, but within that, you might organize yourself even more by separating the different clipboards based on bedroom designs, living room designs, kitchen designs and more.

I’ve even read that some people use Clipix as a way to keep a private vision board (which I think is a fabulous idea!). You can even collaborate on a clipboard with a friend. I could go on and on, but I just want to ask you to check it out for yourself! Of course there is an iPhone and Android app for your convenience.

Now I have 2 little buttons in my bookmarks bar.
I have a Pin button for the images I want to share with everyone and
I have a Clip button to keep myself organized.
It’s like the best of both worlds!

Clipix is also giving away some really nice free t-shirts to those people who live in the United States! The only thing you’ll need to pay is shipping which is $4.95. You can see the selection by clicking on the link below. Try out this service, and let us know what you think. Happy clipping!

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Ninja Facts Credit: [Urban Dictionary]