Futuristic Look At Semi-Photosynthetic Humans Growing Food With Light

It’s no secret that in the future we are going to have to change the way we fuel our bodies. The increase in population and the decrease in land will force us to find new things to eat. The first world grocery stores packed with tons of different foods are luxuries that people most likely won’t have in a hundred years from now. There have been many creative ideas that revolve around growing food in new ways, but this one is the most outrageous one I’ve seen yet.

I’m not saying this idea will ever be materialized into something real, but it is still an inspiring, futuristic idea for how things could be. What if we could change how our bodies process foods? What if we could become plant-like and develop a symbiotic relationship with algae? Could you imagine growing food from light and then eating it from this algae suit?

This idea comes from designers Michiko Nitta and Michael Burton. In order for this to work, humans would have to evolve into being partially photosynthetic. We would basically become gigantic slugs or lizards. We would be able to convert light into the nutrients needed for sustaining our own lives.

Usually when it comes to feeding our population in the future, people take on thoughts about growing food or changing food in new and creative ways. This idea takes a completely different approach. This idea changes how human beings fuel their bodies altogether instead of just looking at how to change the things outside our bodies.

Although it would be completely unrealistic for us to walk around with this plastic tubing connected to our bodies, I can appreciate the idea itself and the reasons for it. It will be interesting to see how the changes in our future food supply will affect our anatomy and the evolution of our species.

Semi-Photosynthetic Humans Growing Food With Light

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