A Closer Look At The MASSIVE Samsung Galaxy View

Big is beautiful, or so they say, but can this be applied to mobile devices? The course of innovation has fluctuated in the technology sector, especially when it comes to smartphones and similar mobile devices. The inaugural devices of the 1980’s were large and cumbersome, for example, before technological advancement made it possible to create smaller handsets without compromising on performance. The majority of today’s devices can be described as a hybrid of these distinct design approaches, with small, slim line bodies incorporating large and high definition displays.

This trend is set to evolve further in the next few months, with Samsung having unveiled a new entertainment device that is a cross between a tablet and a laptop. The primary purpose of this device is to enjoy streamed video services such as Netflix and YouTube while it has the potential to create an entirely new niche within an already lucrative market. Similar the phablet, it will break new ground in mobile technology and target a large consumer base. Incredibly, it boasts an 18.4-inch HD screen, making it ideal for enjoying real-time streams and replicating a cinematic experience while on the move.

This device also has a two-way stand for use in an office or home, and this feature enables users to prop it up securely on a desk so that multiple viewers can enjoy the Galaxy View simultaneously. There is also an integrated handle for carrying while inbuilt Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity enable seamless streaming regardless of your location. Whether you wish to stream films or live gaming websites such as the 888 Casino, this is an important consideration that will ultimately optimize your multimedia experience.

From the perspective of Samsung, this marks a clear attempt at reviving what had become a tired mobile brand. More specifically, the Galaxy View represents a huge departure for the brand and represents a new product line that even Apple cannot compete with. While other brands are sure to follow suit, Samsung has an opportunity to dominate this new market and create a lucrative revenue stream.

As for technology fans, they will be treated to yet another new and exciting piece of hardware. Not only this, but the Galaxy View has a genuinely unique selling point and the potential to earn iconic status among young consumers.

Pictures Of Samsung’s MASSIVE Galaxy View Tablet

Massive Samsung Galaxy View

Massive Samsung Galaxy View

Massive Samsung Galaxy View

Massive Samsung Galaxy View



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    Andrei 7 years

    Personally, I’d get the Galaxy View right now. It’s perfect for consuming media and some of my favorite games. Only if it had a better resolution, like QHD, but full HD works fine too.