Can The Cloud Make It Easier To Preserve Your Family Memories?

As a parent, one of the most important factors to you might be protecting your family legacy. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to preserve images, audio, and video that show our family at their happiest. From days out with the children to family celebrations, we are more capable than ever of making sure we can record the key moments that make our family so special.

Today, many companies rely upon the use of cloud managed services provided by experts to help them keep key information and data safe. Could you do the same with the cloud when it comes to your family history?

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You absolutely can. Today, many people benefit from the use of the cloud when it comes to protecting their content. You can store any kind of image, video, audio, or document on the cloud. Thanks to tools like OneDrive, we are able to easily and seamlessly keep all of our key content safe and secure online.

Many decide to go down the route of using something like a USB flash drive. Yet this comes with a few technological issues:

  • For one, USB – while common today – will not be around forever. One day, your USB will not quite so easily read; this could mean in a decade or more, you lose the ability to access your drive
  • By the same token, USB flash drives are prone to corruption and physical damage. If your device is corrupted and this is the only copy you have, those files are likely going to be lost forever
  • Another problem is that you can lose a USB flash drive. All it takes is losing the bag it was stored in or having it fall out of your pocket for all of those memories to vanish with the flash drive

By contrast, though, the cloud avoids these problems.

The Cloud Is A Long-Term Solution For Familial Data Storage

Whether stored on a tool like OneDrive or through cloud storage with Apple, you can easily keep all of this precious content safe and secure. Over time, you can ensure that your key family moments are preserved online. Clouds are secure, always online, and always backed up. Should a fire destroy your home, it would mean everything inside is destroyed.

Clouds are backed up across so many different locations, though, that such a problem could not take place. There will always be a secure backup somewhere. As such, you remove the physical damage aspect. Any cloud service that winds up closing down, too, will have to give you plenty of notice so you can migrate to somewhere else.

By using one of the major cloud platforms provided by Microsoft, Google, or Apple, though, the threat of closure is minimal. And given the cloud is likely to be part of technological parlance for longer than the USB flash drive is, it makes the most sensible place for long-term and protected storage.

As a family, those precious moments that you can look back on in the years to come are priceless. By using the cloud, you can ensure that the storage and security of these essential memories are guaranteed.

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