10 Reasons To Use Mobile Monitoring Software On Your Kid’s Smartphone

It is easy to understand why parents worry about their children when you look at what kind of state the world is currently in. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your child, and whatever assistance you can get is a welcome help for most. We are constantly told we should be careful how we use our smartphones as they can easily get infected with all kinds malware, however, mobile monitoring software is not all bad.

It is important to remember that the negative meaning of some of the words used, such as spyware, really doesn’t have to be a negative thing in other corners of our lives and everyday endeavours. The use of technology always goes both ways. When the word spyware is mentioned it triggers a negative reaction in people’s minds, and it is hard to reverse these opinions. However, mobile monitoring software, such as Mobistealth, can also be used to keep your children safe, out of trouble and of course out of harms way if it is used right and in a legal and orderly fashion.

So what is “mobile monitoring software” and how can it help you worry less? The answer to that question can be broken down into many different parts, however, we are going to answer it in the form of a list just to make it easier for you to see the benefits of using it. If we take StealthGenie for example, a formidable software that is undetectable after it has been installed, has all the benefits and features to help you keep your cool when your child is out and about or using online services. The software has proven to give many parents a new understanding of how their children are using technology and the available services online.

Parental control is not about aimless snooping around in your child’s privacy for the fun of it; it is a way to keep your child safe and prevent them from ending up in situations which they will later regret. Many parents have long been forced to approach their parental control through old and dated manors such as frequently asking their children about their activities, clarifying how things are progressing and contacting them on their phones when required. There are now smarter ways to accomplish this without being a thorn in your child’s side every step they take.

Mobile monitoring software is a difficult subject to write about as it is loaded with positive and negative opinions, but in this article we are going to have a look at the benefits that it comes with and why more parents are starting to use it in ever growing numbers. These are the ten reasons why parents install mobile monitoring software on their children’s smartphones.

1. It Will Give You Access To Call Logs

Many times parents have no clue who or what crowd their child is associating with, and it can be a scary awakening if you one day realize it is too late to intervene. For parents that want to make sure their children is not getting themselves into trouble, this Android mobile monitoring app offers the option to access call logs which will tell you when and whom your child is calling.

2. It Can Help Put A Digital Fence On Your Teen

If you do not want your kid to hang around areas that you think could be harmful to them, you can easily setup a digital fence on your child’s smartphone. By doing so, the mobile monitoring software will notify you as soon as your child enters the restricted area. It is a transparent solution to a problem that previously meant having to constantly call your child to see where he or she was. As most parents know, not always with the greatest success.

Android Mobile Monitoring App

3. It Allows You To Record Calls

The StealthGenie mobile monitoring app also offers the ability to record calls from selected numbers. If you suspect something is going on that you as a parent do not approve of, you have the ability listen back to calls to make sure your child stays out of trouble.

4. It Allows You To Monitor Messages

Many times teenagers discover the usefulness of the smartphone and how convenient it is to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Sometimes this can turn into an addiction or even something inappropriate. To help you keep track of this as a parent this Android mobile monitoring software allows you to monitor messages sent through Facebook, Viber, Skype, BBM, Pin and even WhatsApp.

5. It Allows You To Control Your Child’s Phone Remotely

As an addition layer to protect your child, StealthGenie even offers the ability to wipe the entire smartphone remotely should it be stolen or end up in the wrong hands. This way you always know that whatever personal stuff is stored on the smartphone stays private even though the smartphone is lost or stolen.

6. It Gives You Access To Multimedia Files

Taking photos, especially selfies, have become a huge trend in today’s intense social media landscape, and our smartphones fill up with images quite quickly. As a parent, this is of course a concern that is difficult to monitor, but with this app you will be able to view most multimedia files stored on your child’s smartphone.

Android Mobile Monitoring App

7. It Can Send You Instant Alerts

The geo-fencing feature is already setup to send you notifications whenever your child is in the wrong area, but you can also set the smartphone to send you a notification whenever your child uses certain words while chatting or sending messages, even down to specific phone numbers. The alerts are instant, and you will have a way to deal with the problem immediately.

8. It Allows You To Monitor Emails

Just like with messages, this mobile monitoring software allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing emails that are sent from the smartphone that has StealthGenie installed on it. It adds another layer of assurance that will help you worry less as a parent.

9. Installation Is Undetectable

The eight above reasons to install StealthGenie on your child’s Android smartphone should be enough for any parent to try it out, however, what probably makes it even more interesting is that once the application has been installed it is completely undetectable. This means that as a parent you will be able to know what your child is up to without having to worry about the app being uninstalled.

10. It Is Affordable

Many solutions similar to this one are usually expensive and does not incorporate all the features that StealthGenie does. Plans start as low as $8 per month and should be affordable for most parents that want to be able to keep an eye on their children to protect them and keep them safe.

So far over 100,000 users have installed the StealthGenie mobile monitoring app on Android smartphones all around the world. The reviews are astounding, and many parents have a better understanding of what their children are up to and that they stay out of harms way. The majority of parents would probably say that to know before it is too late is a welcome relief. With this mobile monitoring app, you will never have to worry again.

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