Colored Rubik’s Cube For The Blind

To date I haven’t solved a Rubik’s Cube more than twice in under 30 minutes. To date maybe I have only cheated a few times using the infamous “explode” technique to assemble it in the right order. There are quite a lot of techniques out there to shorten the time it takes to solve the Rubik’s cube but I guess I just haven’t had the time to look into them all. However, the world record for solving a randomly messed up Rubik’s cube is just over 7 seconds, and I think most people can only dream of beating that.

However, now there is a new little brain squeezer available that might have you raising an eyebrow more than twice. There’s a colored Rubik’s cube for the blind. Yes, for the blind and it’s colored, at least for the blind. Designed by Rubik’s cube fanatic Konstantin Datz, it comes as a breath of fresh air into the community. Not only does this new design invite the blind to start using this highly brain evolving mathematical endeavor, it might even get the fortunate sighted people to get a new Rubik’s cube that takes the puzzling game to a whole new level.

In the process, this might even encourage sighted people to learn how to read the language of the blind. The cube is embossed with the colors all around it and you have to really concentrate in order to feel and determine which color it is. For us sighted people, it’s quite an advantage; however, to see those dots whenever we are in doubt, but getting blind folded and trying to solve it for the first time is sure to give you the challenge of a lifetime.