Combimouse Combines Keyboard & Mouse Into One Device

When innovators get creative, pretty much anything can happen. We have seen it before, and we will continue to see it in the future. When I say ‘get creative,’ I mean the limitless optimization they seem to be able to brew up in their most inner sanctuary of creativity. Sometimes the product of their virtual labor doesn’t really reflect the awesomeness of the idea itself. However, when it comes to optimization, it’s never energy wasted. Just have a look at the Combimouse for example. It’s optimization defined.

The Combimouse is one of the more unorthodox products of creativity. I personally never thought I would see a keyboard and a mouse all fused into one, and I particularly never thought it would make such a nifty device. I admit that it looks a little clunky, but there is something highly appealing about the optimization of it all. It’s most likely going to take some getting used to it, but we have been there before. With each new groundbreaking device, we have to learn new ways to operate it. So why not embrace this Combimouse as well, right?

There isn’t much to be said about the Combimouse, and that is kind of why it is so awesome. Sometimes the best optimizations are the simplest ones. From a technical perspective, there is one thing that can be shared, and that is that it goes into mouse mode when the user puts his or her hands on the sides of the mouse. When the user doesn’t have his or her hands in this particular place, the keyboard is activated. These little optimizations are what makes this such an intriguing innovation.

However, this invention is in need of funding in order to take it from its prototype stage to a final product. The project is looking to raise just $20,000 in order to finalize things, and they are trying to crowdsource that money through IndieGoGo. With just 14 days left and roughly $6,000 raised, it doesn’t seem to be an impossible mission. So if you are looking to optimize your keyboard and mouse interaction, the Combimouse is something that you should consider pledging for in hopes that it will successfully get funded by the end of the crowdsourcing period.

Combimouse – Keyboard & Mouse Optimization