Comic Lamp: Best Way To Light Up Your Evening Reading!

There you are, getting right into bed to get some shuteye. It’s dark outside, and it’s even raining. You have just made yourself some hot chocolate to keep you warm before the night embraces your soul. You reach for your favorite comic. It’s the latest issue, and you picked it up on your way home from that joyful meeting with an old friend. You reach to turn on the lights on the nightstand, but there is something very wrong. The lamp you’re about to turn on is not even near as awesome as that comic you are just about to read. How very disappointing.

It doesn’t have to be! Ryan McElhinney comes to the rescue with a lamp that will make even the most bitten comic collector envy you at the mere sight of it. It’s a lamp created out of a ton of comic and cartoon characters all bundled into one sexy lamp. Just looking at it will probably keep you from reading that comic of yours, but who cares. It’s as good, I tell you.

He fused and painted these characters together over a period of 6 weeks, and it shows. The detail it delivers is something that will impress anyone that glances over to check it out. The inspiration to read that comic is unmistakable, it will probably make you late for school or even work. Just figuring out how many and what characters will most likely keep you up all night. On second thought, maybe it’s not such a good idea to get one of these. Some people actually need sleep, and this one would probably keep you from it. Hmm, it’s a geek’s dilemma.