Commodore 64: A Retro History Timeline [Infographic]

Oh how I loved the Commodore 64 when it was released. My brother and I managed to get a hold of one, and we used to work that basic programming language like our lives depended on it. We created small and large applications ranging from simple art to some extensive text adventure games which we showed to our friends. It is one of those memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The Commodore 64, or the C64 as it came to be called among the users, was one of the most iconic home computers ever sold. As a matter of fact, it was actually the most sold computer system ever launched.

I am sure at the pace Apple is moving, this record will soon be obliterated; however, for now it stands with its supposed 17 million computers sold. There is a new breed of the C64 coming soon, and this time around, the technology under the hood is up-to-date and fresh. To honor the release of this new Commodore 64, the guys over at Discount Coder put together an infographic that outlines and delivers the C64’s history through time.

If you are a geek who loves your computer history, then this is exactly the kind of information that you will want to dig your teeth into. You have everything here from general facts to complicated motherboard flowcharts that will take you through the entire Commodore 64’s simple, yet at the same time, intricate system and core. I am still contemplating whether I should plunk down the money for one of these just as an homage to this legendary friend of my earlier me. We’ll see what happens, but I guess we all would like to review a demo of it before we commit to any purchases. One really neat thing is that it will be sold for the exact same price as the very first C64 was sold for, which is $595!

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Commodore 64 History Timeline Infographic