Common DVD Driver Problems And Easy Fixes

Throwing away your old CD ROM drive in favor of brand new DVD player for your computer always feels good. It doesn’t only provide larger capacity and space but it also facilitates the user to enjoy all the new DVD games and movies and other content that has been stored in this modern device. It even provides access to dual layer DVDs and DVD RAM discs which offers twice the capacity than normal devices. But, sometimes just the DVD driver can mess up your experience.

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Common DVD Driver Problems And How To Fix Them

DVD drives have now become quite affordable than it used to be. Since internal drives are less expensive than external ones, it is preferable to stick with them. However, they tend to be more problematic due to the fact that they are not designed to suit the external environment.

In the end, the choice is yours. Even though it comes with a number of benefits, there are several problems associated with DVD drivers. Here are some of the problems listed and its easy fixes:

  • Installation problems are often encountered by a number of users. It is a frequent issue that has been troubling many users for years. But installation of DVD drive is pretty simple. All there need to be done is plug in the data cable and the power cable to PSU core of the computer.

The computer will then automatically detect the drive and a light indicator will show up. There is no problem with basic drives but when it comes to advanced solutions, there might be a requirement to install a driver for Windows to support other functions. Faster DVD writers and multi-function external CD DVD drive having remote infrared capabilities have to specifically meet this requirement.

  • Other common problems include driver device not being signed by Windows, or the drivers cannot be detected by the Windows. Sometimes the file cannot be installed as well. The problem can increase to an extent where DVD cannot function properly and the hardware profile shows up a yellow exclamation mark. It is an indication that driver for the DVD is in conflict with another port or device.
  • There other common problems as well but most commonly there is only a single way to get rid of all of these issues and get the DVD driver running. The solution is universal and pretty elementary. Visit the manufacturer’s website, select the model and download the latest drivers to your computer.

Sometimes the problem will go beyond that. Then it is recommended to contact the manufacturer and figure out what the solution is. Windows technical help forum can be inquired as well. Usually, there are solutions posted on the website to get the things in perfect order.


Technology is surely useful but not perfect. It does come with bugs and problems. However, there is always a solution to these issues. Similar is the case with DVD drivers that comes with inherent problems and in this article, you have found some easy solutions to most of the issues. Consult these if you encounter any problem hindering your functionality.

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