Without PC Is Your Innovative Mobile USB File Transfer Device

I am no stranger to the word ‘optimization.’ I throw that word around quite a bit in my articles, and it comes kind of naturally when working with computers. Optimizing is an important step in anyone’s life, and without it, you will not evolve. When it comes to optimizing technology, few innovations are as good as the ones that actually help us perform tasks easier and faster. Usually accessory devices like this mobile USB file transfer device make things insanely straightforward.

Without PC, a 2013 iF design award concept design entry, is an innovative concept idea that could make USB file transfer a whole lot easier. The idea is to make moving files between USB devices more optimized by cutting out the PC middle hand. The USB devices will work together with this USB file transfer device in between them, thus creating a complete file organization system.

This device comes with an innovative and easy to understand touchscreen on which you can choose, move and transfer files to wherever you want them. Think of it as a touchscreen hub which serves as a connection between the USB devices you wish to connect. It’s especially useful when you have external USB drives, and you don’t want to go through the time consuming endeavor of connecting them one by one to your computer. This way, you can just connect them with the USB file transfer device in between, and you are ready to organize.

This device is of course only a concept design, but the technology to fuel it is already present. That means this USB file transfer device could very well show up as a Kickstarter project at any time. I am sure a ton of file hoarders would love to own one of these devices. Not only would it make for a more optimized way to move files around, but you would have a way to keep track of things as well since you don’t need to plug your USB devices in to your computer just to see what’s on them. All you need is this mobile device, and you will always know what’s on your USB devices. This concept idea is conceptualized by designer Dongwook Kim.

Dongwook Kim’s USB File Transfer Concept Device




Via: [Yanko Design]