ContractZen Review – A Digital Governance Solution For Remote Teams

Scheduling meetings and managing business documents while ensuring everybody is on the same page can be difficult – especially when you’re working remotely. As a business owner, you need a digital governance solution to go remote during the global Coronavirus pandemic.

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It should give you access to web apps that allow you to work from a remote environment while staying on top of key business operations such as scheduling meetings, managing documents, and getting them signed.

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ContractZen is a SaaS contract and meeting management service that offers an all-in-one governance solution for organizations.

Among other use cases, you can use it for:

  • Meeting management: It helps you digitally manage the meeting process, including everything from scheduling meetings to discussing meeting agendas with participants.
  • Document management: It gives you tools to upload, store, and manage documents from a centralized location. Using meta-data, you can keep your business organized and make sure all documents are visual to whoever needs them.
  • E-signatures: Digital signatures enable you to securely get documents signed in a remote environment.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at ContractZen and explain how it can help you simplify and automate your organization’s meeting and document management tasks.


Keep Remote Meetings Organized And Collaborative

Companies working remotely due to the current pandemic need an all-digital meeting system that helps them stay organized and facilitates collaboration between different departments. For instance, this might entail letting participants add personal comments and annotations to the meeting agenda.

ContractZen enables you to host all-digital meetings, which is excellent for increasing work productivity even if you’re working from a remote environment. This way, you don’t have to worry about using different scheduling tools for various sorts of corporate meetings such as board meetings, action review meetings, or issue resolution meetings.

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A fully-digital meeting system can help organizations easily find and schedule a meeting time that works for everyone. It facilitates internal discussions between board members and enables them to share meeting materials (such as documents and resources) securely.

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Organizations need tools that allow members to communicate with each other as well as access meeting minutes directly from a centralized portal. This is possible with ContractZen. It also lets you create, prioritize, and follow up on tasks and responsibilities once they’ve been agreed upon during meetings.

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ContractZen’s built-in meeting scheduler enables you to identify suitable slots for scheduling meetings, so you don’t have to use separate software. In addition to this, you can also send out automated invites and reminders to participants, which saves you from having to go back and forth via email for each person.

In addition to this, it lets you quickly mark issues discussed with keywords (tags), which makes it easy to come back to later on. ContractZen also supports integration with Microsoft Teams, which lets you prepare and discuss the meeting and any needed materials directly in Microsoft Teams. You can share materials securely by adding them to meeting agenda points.

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This is especially helpful for remotely-operating organizations as they can use Microsoft Teams for online meetings while staying organized and collaborative with ContractZen. After the meeting, you can send meeting minutes to members for review, get them electronically signed, and follow-up on agreed tasks – all from a centralized platform.

Leverage Cloud-Based Contract Management

For teams going remote, cloud-based contract management is a must-have. In fact, many organizations are rethinking how to manage contracts remotely without sacrificing visibility, control, or speed.

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Of course, there are a number of other factors that make remote contract management even more complicated. These include multiple office locations, time zones, and languages. There is a need, now more than ever, for a tool that makes contracts more accessible to people regardless of their location, device, or time.

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ContractZen lets you set automated reminders to contracts, making sure your documents don’t go unnoticed by team members working from a remote office. Its smart, drag-and-drop contract import tool enables you to quickly import multiple documents into the centralized, cloud-based platform in one go, which is particularly useful for organizations transitioning from office to remote work.

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ContractZen gives you access to a built-in metadata tagging system that creates dynamic folders enabling you to quickly find what you want and access your contracts. You can also use its metadata-based storage implementation feature to group documents based on the type of information they contain.

This is helpful for all members of an organization as it lets them narrow down their search and access the required contract easily, which makes adjusting to remote work that much easier. Organizing documents using metadata also enables you to group all related documents together in multiple ways.

This is a more efficient way to organize documents as compared to creating multiple versions and storing them in different files and folders in different locations. It also increases visibility into your contracts and enables people working remotely to have quick access to important documents.

Facilitate Secure Document Signing With Electronic Signatures

There are plenty of obvious reasons why getting documents signed electronically is important for businesses that are looking to go remote. For starters, it’s easier, faster, and safer to use an all-digital signing platform that lets you get meeting minutes or contracts signed by management and board members.

This way, you’ll be able to bypass the social distancing restrictions imposed by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and enhance the user experience by allowing your team and clients to sign documents electronically.

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Electronic signatures offer an efficient way to get documents signed, which means you can operate remotely without wasting a single second. Plus, electronic signatures save you from having to put in any additional procurement effort.

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With ContractZen, you can easily connect your organization’s e-signature service of choice to your contract management platform. This allows you to quickly send electronic documents for signing while staying informed about where your document is at any time.

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ContractZen enables you to automate the signature process by connecting with a number of e-signature services, including DocuSign, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and Assently. It’s also worth mentioning that ContractZen’s additional built-in features, including virtual rooms, board portal, financial administration, and meeting management tools also support electronic signatures.

The platform also gives you access to a full-text search with OCR support in addition to a metadata tagging system for signing and managing forms and documents. This means that when a document is uploaded to ContractZen, it will automatically be transformed into text-based information that can be queried.

ContractZen Pricing

ContractZen is a turnkey SaaS solution that requires no previous training on the user’s part. It comes with a 30-day free trial that you can avail without providing your credit card information.

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Its pricing plan starts at an affordable price of $9.50 per user per month (billed yearly). You get contract management, meeting management, company register, financial and administrative documents, eSignature, virtual data rooms, 50GB storage space, and an unlimited number of contracts.

Teams with more than 50 users can request a quote, and ContractZen offers discounts for eligible non-profit organizations. ContractZen is an ideal solution for both small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. It’s also a suitable service for bigger business units and departments of large corporations.

This powerful platform offers a simple way to automate their administrative tasks, share and store documents securely within the organization, and avoid having to manage complicated license agreements when going remote.


ContractZen can help businesses improve contract management workflows and share and store relevant documents securely. As a result, it helps reduce approval times, increase contract visibility, and ensure contract compliance making it possible to go remote.

Whether you’re transitioning from office to remote work or have already made the leap, you’ll need an all-digital corporate governance solution to help you stay on top of scheduling meetings and simplifying contract management. ContractZen is definitely worth a shot.

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