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The RTA should be the first DIY atomizer type for most players. In addition to the function of autonomously replacing the atomizing core, there is also the advantage of being able to store the smoke oil to increase the time of single oiling. After many years of development, RTA can be roughly divided into three categories: small smoke mouth suction type RTA , large smoke lung type RTA, GTA type.

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Small Smoke Mouth Suction RTA

This type of atomizer usually has the following characteristics: the heating wire is wrapped around the screw-locked electrode column, the bottom is placed in the air inlet, the inlet is extremely small, the space inside the atomization chamber is extremely compressed and the upper part has an inverted cone. The shape of the smoke gathers, the flue is thinner and longer.

Due to the problem of the wire lock mode of the electrode column, this type of atomizer cannot install a thick heating wire, and the size of the atomization space when the low resistance fancy coil and the ordinary coil are installed may also cause the smoke to overheat. Occurrence (small intake air is also one of the causes of overheating).

The small air intake and concentrated smoke bring about the resistance of the cigarette and the rich taste, the clear layer, and the perfect taste of the original smoke.

The shortcoming is that the degree of richness in the taste is not strong, the smoke is small, the oil guiding ability is poor, and the oral fatigue after long-term use caused by strong suction resistance.

This type of atomizer is suitable for those who like to taste the layering of smoke and oil and its pure taste. Because of the influence of the amount of air intake, it is generally used for mouth suction.

Large Smoke Lung Suction RTA

Such an atomizer generally has the following characteristics in terms of structure: the electrode column is a U-shaped double-column four-hole structure commonly used for drip atomizers, and of course, there are also two-column side-by-side double-hole structures, and the biggest change is by winding heating.

The wire compression screw is fixed to the lock wire hole and the heating wire is fixed. The diameter of the oil guiding hole is also relatively increased, and the oil path is short, which improves the oil guiding ability of the oil guiding cotton.

Usually 24mm diameter, the huge atomization chamber can accommodate larger heating coils, and can also avoid the problem of smoke overheating to a certain extent. The wide air inlet makes the mixing of smoke and air more sufficient, and the thick and short flue is also for the purpose. Improve the design of air flow.

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The above characteristics enable this type of atomizer to be installed with low-resistance coils and a variety of fancy coils to achieve greater smoke generation and richer mouthfeel without the problem of paste core caused by insufficient oil guide.

The huge air circulation also reduces the occurrence of smoke overheating.Recently, there is a vape called geekvape zeus x rta from vapeciga. Detachable inner chamber, makes it easier to trim the wire and keep clean. 4ml and 2ml capacity optional which is portable to carry with you.

The disadvantages are the lack of endurance caused by huge fuel consumption, and the problem of oil leakage because the oil guide hole is too large and the oil guide cotton is not handled properly.

This type of atomizer is suitable for players who like large smoke and have certain endurance requirements and cannot add smoke oil frequently. The structure is simpler than the mouth suction type RTA, and the data range of the heating wire can be used. Also bigger. (After such a long period of development, this type of atomizer tastes good.)

GTA Atomizer

This type of atomizer is more like moving the drip atomizer to the inside of the oil storage tank. The base of the electrode platform is suspended in the oil storage tank, and the cotton hole is opened at the bottom to extend the oil guide cotton. The warehouse absorbs the smoke oil.

Other structures of this type of atomizer are similar to those of the above-described atomizer, and will not be described again. Because the lower part is suspended, it can store slightly higher smoke oil than the lung smoking fog RTA.

The unique oil guiding structure makes this type of atomizer better in oil guiding performance, and it is less prone to oil leakage caused by poorly produced oil core and oil guiding cotton. The advantages and disadvantages of these three types of RTA  are all introduced, and I hope that everyone can get some help when choosing the RTA.

In order to cater to the market dominated by cigarettes and smoking cessation at the time of the RTA, the mouth-sucking type atomizer was produced. After several years of development, the e-cigarette market began to develop into a large smog, and the RTA also developed a large smoke-sucking RTA with the trend change, after which the players used oil and oil storage.

The need for the problem, the GTA type has emerged. Still the old saying, device changes, as the player’s needs change, we have reason to believe that they will eventually meet the needs of all players.

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