Conventional Tube Lights Versus LED Tube Lights

Every home has or has had at least a few conventional tube lights. Tube lights seem to have been around forever. They became popular as they provided an affordable lighting solution for both homes and commercial spaces. Fluorescent tube lights, also known as conventional tube lights were comparatively longer-lasting and more energy-efficient compared to incandescent bulbs.

Everyone who grew up with one of these in their homes will remember their obvious flaws, the flickering, starter issues, choke going bad, etc. In fact, the flickering for a bit before the “cha-ching” moment it lit up, became a metaphor for someone having a dense moment. If you didn’t catch on to a joke quick enough or you drew a blank, it would be you having a “tube-light moment”.

Today, we will be discussing how and why LED tube lights are a far better, durable, and more efficient alternative to conventional fluorescent tube lights. You can also look for some great LED tube light options here

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Electricity Consumption And Cost Saving

A major concern of being an adult is paying the bills, and usually, the electricity bill is the biggest one of all the utilities. Electricity usage or consumption is a huge factor in determining the appliances or lighting choices one employs. While many people do make a big deal about saving electricity, installing energy-efficient appliances like ACs and refrigerators, they all fail to realize how much electricity they will save by potentially using LED Tube lights instead of the conventional ones.

While it is evident that LED tube lights save electricity costs, you can save a huge amount on your bills if you use more LEDs. The more the number of fixtures that use LEDs instead of conventional, the more your savings will be.

Heat Production

Normal or conventional tube lights lose their brightness over time and have often been known to burn out in parts, like the starter or the choke. The reason for this is that conventional tube lights generate almost three times more heat than an LED does. This means that using a conventional tube light will also heat up your room thereby increasing your cooling costs. However LED tube lights, emit very little heat and do not burn out or pose a fire hazard.

Environmental Concerns

LED tube lights do not contain mercury, which is an unfortunate component of conventional tube lights. Each fluorescent lighting tube contains mercury, which is very harmful to the environment if it is not disposed of properly. Special recycling kits need to be purchased to dispose of old fluorescent tubes properly.


Conventional tube lights or fluorescent lights last between six thousand to eight thousand hours, while LED Tube lights can have a lifespan of up to twenty thousand hours. So in short, one LED tube light will easily last longer than 4-5 conventional tube lights.

Lighting Quality

LED Tube lights do not diminish in brightness, and their brightness levels remains constant throughout the lifespan. However, conventional tube lights’ quality of light diminishes over time. As tube lights get older, their brightness levels decrease steadily to the point where they begin flickering.


LED Tube lights are far easier to install than conventional fluorescent tube lights. In an LED tube light, all the components fit together seamlessly to make one single unit. There are no untidy dangling wires, thereby making LED tubes look more sophisticated and classy compared to their conventional counterparts. Additionally, LED tubes occupy less space and shine considerably more than a conventional tube light.

LED tubes also do not darken or yellow with age and emit a uniform clean light for their entire operational lifespan. LED Tube lights are a winning combination of energy efficiency and aesthetics. They are an ideal replacement for old fluorescent tube lights in homes as well as in-office or commercial spaces.

The time of the fluorescent tube light has come to an end. LED technology has bypassed their previously perceived affordability and efficiency. In the most simple of words, if you desire to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy costs and usage, and get better-looking lights and light quality in the bargain, you should switch your old conventional fluorescent tube lights to LED.

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