Transparent LED-Lit Business Card Should Make People Remember You

Usually when I meet someone I am almost always presented with a business card before we say our goodbyes. It’s standard these days, (even though I, myself, currently don’t sport these vital exchangeable introductory items), without them people can easily forget how to get in touch with you. As with everything, it’s easy to get lost in the rush of things, that’s also the case with business cards. A fresh new LED-lit business card, however, should do the trick.

I wish I had an extensive amount of information about this mythical LED-lit business card, but that is, unfortunately, not the case. I have merely been able to trackdown the Vimeo account that belongs to Gravez Dotro, a Romanian engraving company that created this card seemingly for a client.

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Business cards are as we all know, usually created out of paper of some kind. However, this one is created out of plexiglass with the contact information engraved into the card. Once the receiver squeezes together the aluminum edge of it, the LED hidden underneath it lights up and illuminates the card from end to end. It’s a neat effect that is definitely going to catch people by surprise. Even the card itself, being created out of transparent plexiglass, should make people look twice.

Today you can no longer hand people a simple business card as they are most likely just going to push it into their wallet or purse, and there it will remain until the day they clean out the junk they feel they have accumulated over time. Unless you made a heck of a personal impression, or give them one of these LED-lit business cards, your card is not going to accomplish anything. It is only by utilizing the tools at your disposal that really makes an impression.

Simple solutions like this that look and feel high tech yet are not, are the perfect way to have someone remember you. If they don’t, then they simply don’t care to or want to know what you do or can do for them. Don’t take it personal, just make sure you make a better impression next time as they will most likely not remember you the second time around. This LED-lit business card is amazing, and if it wasn’t for my busy schedule, I would definitely order a few to give to whoever I have the pleasure of meeting in the future.

Gravez Dotro’s LED-Lit Business Card Concept

Plexiglass LED-Lit Business Card

Plexiglass LED-Lit Business Card