Counting Finger Ring Lets You Count Money… Really Fast!

There you are, stuck at home with nothing to do. You have tried to spend some time playing the newest XBox game, but you own its butt so it soon becomes boring and just another round of butt kickin’. You decide that maybe the kitchen needs a bit of cleaning, and you head off in that direction. However, before you arrive at the sight of it, you quickly realize that your maid probably already got that covered. The things you could do seem to be diminishing by the second, and the stuff you had on your fun list of to-dos have since long run out. Then it hits you!

You could probably spend your time counting all that cash you’ve got bundled up in the room upstairs. You even have a new gadget laying around somewhere to accompany you in the endeavor. It’s called the “Counting Ring,” and it comes from the brilliant minds of Wei Hansen, Li Shaochen, Xu Jinrui, Qi Yibin & Zhao Ying. It’s a no brainer, and it works pretty straightforward. It’s like, you got a lot of cash and want to count it quickly.

Well, that right there is really the problem. Counting that cash will probably just take you a few minutes, then what will you do? Oh, come on, I know what you’re thinking. Well, this thing is of course designed for the banks, Forex and many other cash counting labors. I think it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread, but with the lack of cash laying around in piles here, I find no real use for it. Maybe I could count my stacks of papers with changes I have to make for Bit Rebels, or print out all the emails I get each day and then count them. Well, again, I don’t think this neat little gadget is aimed at me, but it’s an awesome little thing. It’s packed with technology that I am sure will make Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and all the other billionaires very happy! Props!