Create your Online Business Card!

You have your business cards handy when you attend meetings or conferences so that you can connect instantly with potential business partners or just have a way for people to contact you when they need to.

Well, now there is an online site, that enables you to create your online card that can  integrate all social networking sites where you are a member,  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. plus all your contact details  and its really simple all you need to do is sign up and it will allow you to already start linking your url.  Another cool feature is that it also allows you to customize the card with different cool skins and  you have the option to also change the layouts as well as include some updates from either Twitter or FaceBook.

The site also enables you to place it as a widget on your website, this is great because it eliminates the clutter and in just one click, your readers will instantly know, where they can find you on the world wide web. Try now, I guarantee you that its really easy and fun!

Included a video demo on how it works! Enjoy!