Hollywood Sign Makeover: Danish Architect Firm Proposes Hotel

The Hollywood sign. It’s probably the world’s most famous sign ever, and it’s not likely to be surpassed anytime soon. However, some people have suggested that it should receive a makeover since it’s deteriorating quite fast and continuous upkeep is necessary. This makeover is very costly, but that sign is the one thing that we all think of when we hear the word Hollywood so it’s not likely that it will be taken down. However, there have been talks about modifying it a little.

A “little” might be to underestimate what a Danish architectural firm has suggested. The concept they have proposed is as radical and edgy as it is preposterous. The firm has suggested that the sign be recreated, but this time, not as a sign but as a hotel. The hotel would form the letters and from afar the sign would still look like the Hollywood sign. On the back side of the sign there would be a pool and some sun decks. At the front all the rooms would have windows panning the city during day and night.

The front of the sign, the one that faces the city, would be covered in a white one way see through glass that enables the guests to look out over the city, but for the people looking at the sign they would only see a white Hollywood sign, just like before. Maybe it’s not exactly like before… since looking at the new sign would give you a slight 3D depth about it, but that’s pretty much it. I wouldn’t think the Governor, Mr. Schwarzenegger, would pass this idea, and I don’t think the citizens would allow their sign to be changed into a hotel. But then again, I could be wrong. What do you think? Should the sign be remade into a hotel?