Custom Build Your Own Electrical Car!

Fuel. It’s the one thing that makes our planet work on overload and allows us to be constantly buzzing and alive. It’s the blood of each major city and also the one thing that gets a product from one place to another. But, it’s also the one thing that causes global warming, flooding, hurricanes, etc… We have long tried to find an alternate source of energy in order for us to inhabit the earth at least a few more thousand years, but the process is slow and some have even given up hope of finding any.

We have many times been on the edge of finding new sources, but as it stands, there are forces working against that end because there is a lot of money made from fuel and there has been a substantial amount of money invested in order to extract whatever oil is still left for us to extract.

During the 90s, a huge multinational auto company was developing an electrical car and had even produced over 20,000 of them when they (which they never confessed to) received a heavy push from the oil imperium telling them that they had to abandon the idea or else, basically. What fallowed was a total recall of the 1,000 cars that had already been sold and then all 20,000 cars was destroyed without any given reason why. With it also the hope of moving from fuel based propulsion to electrical.

But, good news has been flooding the Internet for the last decade and it’s all in favor of electrical propulsion. As technology gets more efficient and cheaper, the ideal electrical car and its traveling distance is getting better and better each day. On the market today there are several vehicles that now sport only electricity as its power source and we’re likely to see a boom of new vehicles in the coming decade.

One in particular caught my interest as its far beyond what anyone has ever done so far. The concept, created by a company named Trexa, is a fully customer oriented concept where the customer can build his or her own car on their electrical car frame concept. The result is a limitless amount of options for the customer to design and build their own electrical car. This should surely be quite successful if it just gets the full go ahead needed to push it out to the minds of the masses.

To find out more about this highly innovative concept visit the TREXA website for more information.

Trexa - Electrical Custom Car

Trexa - Electrical Custom Car