Custom make your own iPhone Casing | Geek or not?

For a few years now people have been asking themselves and others if customization of the iPhone will ever be possible straight through the mother company, Apple. It is highly unlikely that Apple will ever start selling mod casings for the iPhone, whether it be the iPhone 4G or any other model. Why? Well, Steve Jobs famously saying “Yuck” about the idea should really shatter any hope of this ever happening in the future.

But, in its place there has been an increasing amount of companies starting to create custom made casings for the iPhone and I am sure the trend won’t stop anytime soon. As a matter of fact there is a battle going on out there and things are getting really interesting. During the CES in Las Vegas, Case-Mate showcased their latest creation and software and it looks nothing short of awesome. What they bring is a custom creation software where you can create your own design on your casing and then just have Case-Mate print it out for you. You have tons of design tools and features along with a vast library of design elements that you can just simply add to your design as easy as drag and drop.

Case-Mate’s product line includes cases for the iPhone as well as pretty much every successful and widespread cell phone out there and there is just an amazing parade of great stuff from these royal geeks. They even have Laptop cases, Kindle cases, Nintendo case and Camera cases. There’s just no ending to the goodies that can be found over at Case-Mate.

AccessoryGeeks are also in on the game and during the CES, AccessoryGeeks went over to the Case-Mate’s booth and asked some questions. The story doesn’t explain if it was to get some insight into their competitors product line or just out of pure interest. But, as the interview progressed, it’s quite clear that it got a little odd and the mood was certainly a bit strained. But, if I had to choose I would go with the creations from Case-Mate any day of the week.