Daniil Romazanov: Driving Innovation As CTO Of PARSIQ

Daniil Romazanov, the chief technology officer (CTO) of PARSIQ, brings over a decade of experience in the IT industry to his role. His journey from a junior developer to a key leader in blockchain technology showcases his dedication and expertise.

Romazanov’s career has been marked by significant achievements and varied experiences. He started his professional journey as a junior developer right after high school, diving into a range of roles across diverse industries, from consumer electronics to gaming.

His hands-on approach and versatility allowed him to build a wide array of applications, including backends, frontends, mobile apps and even voice assistants.

Despite feeling settled in his previous role, Romazanov accepted an invitation to join PARSIQ from his former colleague, Alan D. The opportunity to explore the blockchain industry was too exciting to pass up.

“There were two things that played a major role in this decision. First of all, I was invited to join the team by Alan D. (CTO of PARSIQ at that time), who was my ex-colleague from one of my past employers. Secondly, I’m hungry for an opportunity to learn new things, concepts and paradigms,” he explains.

Today, he is glad he made the leap, as the blockchain sector continues to offer him opportunities for innovation and growth.

Vision For Blockchain Technology

Romazanov sees blockchain technology as having transformative potential, with two distinct paths: public and private infrastructure.

Public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum offer digital and financial freedom by removing intermediaries such as banks and governments. This can be especially beneficial for people in unfair situations, providing them with equitable treatment.

Private and semi-private blockchains, on the other hand, can enhance transparency and efficiency in various industries, including medicine, supply chains and education. The key advantage lies in the immutability of blockchain, ensuring data integrity and trust.

“Private and semi-private infrastructure is another world that can help many industries to become more transparent and thus efficient,” Romazanov adds.

Romazanov’s vision for blockchain aligns seamlessly with the mission of Reactive Network. He acknowledges the numerous challenges that blockchain technology faces, such as scalability, security and user experience.

Reactive Network aims to improve the development experience, which in turn enhances the user experience. By making decentralized applications (dApps) more intelligent and efficient, Reactive Network helps developers overcome many current limitations in blockchain technology.

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Looking Ahead: Trends And Predictions

Looking to the future, Romazanov envisions two potential outcomes for blockchain technology: a bright, transformative era or a decline overshadowed by irrelevant trends.

Achieving mass adoption hinges on addressing current technical challenges, such as managing large nodes, improving data accessibility and reducing environmental impact. If these issues are not resolved within the next decade, Romazanov fears that blockchain technology may not survive.

“We either live the bright future we dreamt of, or blockchain is buried under 10 billion animal-themed meme coins,” Romazanov says candidly. “Technical-wise, blockchain has a long way to be massively adopted, as we are now floating in the world of restrictions, unmanageable multi-terabyte nodes, barely accessible or inaccessible data, hundreds of dozens of irrelevant ecosystems, as well as environmental concerns — so many nodes processing the same transactions over and over again, consuming electricity for monkey jobs. And not to forget about economic obstacles, namely liquidity separation.”

He emphasizes the importance of zero knowledge proofs for public blockchains. These proofs can reduce the need for repetitive transaction processing, making the network more sustainable. Romazanov is cautious about other emerging trends, suggesting that only those improving user or developer experience will have a lasting impact.

Daniil Romazanov – Leadership And Company Culture

Romazanov’s leadership style at PARSIQ balances high-level strategic vision with an open, inclusive approach. Despite not having a traditional computer science background, he values his team’s expertise and fosters an environment where everyone can contribute freely. This approach helps create a sense of belonging and encourages innovation.

“My goal is to listen more than I speak,” Romazanov shares. “While high-level ideas and decisions may originate from me (or from Rong Kai Wong, CEO of PARSIQ), I strive to provide people with the freedom to fully express their thoughts without being overly intrusive when it’s not necessary. When people aren’t shackled and placed within boundaries, they tend to feel part of something bigger rather than a small, irrelevant part. This approach allows both the team and the product to constantly grow.”

As the CTO of PARSIQ, Romazanov finds immense satisfaction in the diverse opportunities his role offers. From learning new technologies to teaching and presenting on stage, he thrives on the dynamic nature of his job. The blend of responsibilities and rewards makes his role exceptionally fulfilling.

“Being a CTO offers numerous opportunities and freedoms, including the ability to constantly learn and try new things, staying on the cutting edge of the market, presenting on stage, teaching others, learning from them and much more,” Romazanov reflects. “While this position implies significant responsibilities, the rewards, both personally and professionally, are incomparable.”

For aspiring tech leaders in the blockchain space, Romazanov offers simple yet profound advice: listen more. Success lies in understanding and leveraging your team’s strengths, creating an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to the company’s vision.

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