MAKO: Tony Stark’s Jarvis Voice Recognition Software Now A Reality

Ever since we saw the first Iron Man movie, geeks have been mesmerized with Iron Man technology. One technology in particular has captured people’s attention more than most, and that is Tony Stark’s impressive J.A.R.V.I.S. voice recognition system. Mr. Stark can pretty much do anything through it. It has been said that such a system simply couldn’t be created with today’s technology, but as it turns out, we were all wrong.

Michael Ghandour, an innovator and voice recognition pioneer, decided there must be a way to create a real J.A.R.V.I.S. system that, with a little bit of effort, could do just about anything you told it to. The result of his vision and hard work is a voice recognition system called MAKO. When I first saw the demonstration of the system, I was blown away by its capabilities.

Imagine speaking to your computer just like you would communicate with a regular human being. Add to that a system which allows you to have the computer it’s installed onto do anything you ask it to. If you want MAKO to open up a browser and go to your Facebook page, all you need to do is say, “open Facebook” and voila!

MAKO reminds us a lot of Siri, no doubt, but it has its own unique approach which you will see in the video presented down below. In order to further develop MAKO, Michael is looking to raise a total of $75,000, which in itself isn’t a lot of money when you consider the impact this feature will most likely have on any computer setup.

Michael is looking to raise the $75,000 through a Kickstarter campaign, and so far people are seemingly super excited about the project. With 56 days to go, the campaign has been able to raise almost $33,000. It’s a significant chunk of the goal amount, which tells us this project is most likely going to be successful at the end of its run.

Personally, I can’t wait to couple this with a Leap Motion device (if possible) to see if I can create my own voice and gesture controlled setup in the office. I am going to keep an eye on this project with excitement. The list of things MAKO can currently do is nothing less than impressive, and this is before the “real” implementations have begun.

The MAKO system can currently recognize 5 different languages (soon to be 30!), and it can open any website or program. Furthermore it can:

  • Type anything you say
  • Retrieve any online image
  • Google search anything
  • Read anything you highlight
  • Call and text by voice over IP
  • Print this page
  • Help you with Powerpoint (new slide, starting slideshows and more)
  • Save documents
  • Create new documents
  • Screenshot anything
  • Close any program
  • Restore last tab/session
  • 2 different voice options: British male, American female
  • Recognize date/time/year is
  • Recognize weather forecast (today-7day forecast)
  • Switch windows to other programs
  • Empty recycle bin/delete any file/words
  • Full volume control
  • Open disc tray/close disc tray
  • Play/pause/volume music on Itunes
  • Play/pause/volume controls on videos (with youtube/netflix/spotify/pandora and all online video capabilities)
  • It is able to do math equations of all kinds
  • It is able to write a report on any subject
  • Able to define any word
  • Has a login screen connecting it to dedicated servers
  • MAKO is functional on both PCs and Mac

With a system that can do pretty much everything you ask it to by just utilizing voice recognition technology, it’s going to be a whole lot easier to use a computer in the future. Usually voice recognition systems are slow and awkward to use, but the MAKO system is lighting fast. With a little bit of optimization, it could become the backbone of how we use a computer. I know it’s asking a lot of a system like this at this current state, but the potential is definitely there.

Michael Ghandour’s Innovative Voice Recognition System

MAKO Voice Recognition System

MAKO Voice Recognition System

MAKO Voice Recognition System

MAKO Voice Recognition System


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    David 9 years

    Wow this software looks amazing! I will definitely back this project!

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    ASFAND 8 years

    can we download MAKO software

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    Shykem Middleton 8 years

    I love it… I will also back this project!

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    Bollywood Glitz 24 8 years

    My Dream’s Come True :)

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    jarvis mark 2 its better

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    Don 8 years

    The website MAKOPROGRAM.NET is still under development claims the owner. The site will offer you various subscription rates for the program or to purchase a permanent subscription. Your will have to enter a credit card number and after you are charged for the program, NO link is provided to download the software. No information is posted on the website about the missing software and the site just seems to be setup to take payment for software that does not exist.

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    paul 8 years

    Lol this is your project yet u didnt bother to look at the screen while u were talking. U also say theres little responce time but in the video it pauses between words.

    Jarvis is better. If it talked fluently and u showed us you could talk to it like a normal person and it would know what u asked then id agree and say it was revolutionary. As it stands i see a program identical to all the others out there.

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    matthew 8 years

    I got ripped off charged me and never gave me the program and is now saying I don’t own it Gerrr !

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    Mark 7 years

    MAKO is cool I bought it recently and I have been using it the new dictation that they added is much better than the one before which was unusable in my opinion.

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    MakoHater 7 years

    Wow… read off the board behind you much? Teres also much better versions of this

  • comment-avatar
    ashok 7 years

    guys can i get the link of moko program

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    afiq 7 years

    I am working on java speech recognition. I have a problem on how to switch between window programs let say i already open chrome and notepad. What i wanna do is when i say “switch to chrome” chrome will be active process and when i say “switch to notepad” notepad will be active process? can u help me? email me –

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    PrinceWasiqB 7 years

    I want to download this software plz……..

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    ISSAC 7 years

    Any one know the URL for J.A.R.V.I.S DIGITAL LIFE ASSISTANT

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    Ajay Kumar 7 years

    nice one man i too want this software for my system where can i download or buy ??

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    B.Joshi 7 years

    Can I get a free trail for a limited period ? I have poor eyesight and so would be ideal for me

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    The_Programmer 7 years

    the search for an A.I is mistaken by search for a chatbot an A.I could think and talk you shouldn’t stick with a command that is “siri for windows” a true A.I could make sense out of any sentence and make it into commands …somehow I can’t see it…

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    Yo' Mama 7 years

    The Mark 2 contains an audo/recording virus which rips apart the M.S. Audio primary .dll’s and this software invades your privacy, there is no need to network it otherwise. Site is now blacklisted and i am one super pissed Anon! Stay off my PC i won’t say it again!

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    SUBRAT KUMAR 7 years



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    vicky 7 years

    this system is great but we will do hard work on this project

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    Sofiyan Ahmad 7 years

    Hello, my name is Sofiyan Ahmad.
    This is the software which I had been waiting for a long time…
    my dreams come true… thank you very much for the person who developed it..
    How can I download this software or buy it? please suggest as well as inform me as soon as possible, I would be very grateful to you.
    Thank you very much….Good luck…..

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    Waqar khan 6 years

    nice one man i too want this software for my system where can i download or buy

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    Donald Jones 6 years

    What about the program learning different subject matter and comparing possible technologies (including those that you wish to have constructed (complete with possible blueprints))? I would back this if it could learn to reverse diagnosis different technologies including nano-tech and possible implementation experiments (see computer system used in Osborne Corp when the formula was inputted and instead of living matter being injected it ran full spectrum on simulated experiments).

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    Ryansh, Harsh 6 years

    I want to download this software plz…plzzz.

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    muhammad hassan 6 years

    how i download plzzzz tell me

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    noman alam 4 years