Guy Builds Remarkable Device That Enables Levitating Shoes

Not too many days ago I wrote about the functional hoverboard that Crealev created, and how it could potentially one day enable a hoverboards function on a magnetic floor. If we leave our hopes of using actual hoverboards for a second and concentrate on levitation as a physical experiment, then Crealev is probably one of the few that has used his powers to fuel some pretty insane creations. One of his latest is a device that enables levitating shoes.

I know what you’re thinking, and before you either go completely skeptical or even become a believer in powerless human levitation, Crealev’s device is not meant to make people levitate. It’s actually a commissioned device that allows shoe designers and shoe stores to display shoes in a way that I don’t think anyone of us has ever seen before. The device actually enables levitating shoes to be displayed without any strings or nonsense like that.

The display is absolutely stunning and even though it uses some basic physical laws as its foundation, our minds nevertheless take us to a magical place where human levitation is possible. The basic idea and execution behind this device is that with the help of repelling magnets it will actually enable levitating shoes to be displayed in mid-air. Pretty darn mind boggling if you ask me.

So will we now have levitating product displays all over the place when this thing is brought to reality? I certainly see no problem in implementing that in stores and so forth. I think it’s quite spectacular to see a Jordan shoe levitate, and I am pretty sure I would spend a little bit more time getting more information about the shoe itself if I saw it levitating in a shoe store, wouldn’t you?

Even though the video is short it will still astound you when you see it. I am sure many of you are going to think “why is this so impressive when we have 100 ton trains levitating over their tracks?” Well, if you think about it, this technology doesn’t use an insane amount of power in order to achieve levitation it involves precision. Either way, it’s one of the coolest displays I have seen in quite a while, and I am hoping that more companies will commission Crealev to create devices for levitating shoes etcetera.

Crealev’s Commissioned Custom Device For Levitating Shoes

Crealev Device Levitating Shoes

Crealev Device Levitating Shoes