Digital Paper Alarm Clock: The Edge Of 100% Recyclability!

Have you ever looked at a carton of eggs and wondered exactly how environmentally friendly that box is? Me neither really, but it resonates in my mind when I see this truly weird yet wonderful design meant to bring things into perspective. What could we possibly make out of paper and recycled waste products that we’ve never tried before? Well, it seems that your average alarm clock is the target here, at least for this designer.

The people at the design studio Joon&Jung in Eindhoven have put together what must be close to 100% recyclable alarm clock. It’s made almost entirely out of paper (everything but the electronics of course). The day someone tells me that you can conduct enough electricity through a wire made out of paper, that’s the day I will put new trust in the world for truly coming up with some really creative solutions that might save the world from entirely crumbling because of our wasteful living.

With a few buttons and a digital display behind a piece of paper, and of course, a shell which is made purely out of recycled paper, this little “gadget” comes together as an awesome little night stand alarm clock. With this by your side, you can sleep snugly at night knowing that not only will you wake up on time, but also that you are doing everything you can to save the world from pollution and littering. Splendid work you guys over at Joon&Jung!