Disney Now Lets You 3D Print Yourself In A Stormtrooper Costume

As everyone thought would happen, Disney is starting to cream the juice out of the Star Wars brand right away with new franchise products. George Lucas was always very careful when he created products around the Star Wars franchise, and even though there were plenty at the time he unloaded Lucasfilm to Disney, it stayed that way to the last day. First in line when it comes to Star Wars related products is the ability to 3D print yourself in a Stormtrooper costume.

I think many people were a little skeptical when George Lucas announced that he was giving up his life’s work to pursue other endeavors. Many were afraid that the franchise would become another milk machine for Disney, but so far they have been quite careful not to dilute the brand’s incredible status and following around the world, and hopefully it will stay that way. The 3D Stormtrooper costume figurines that Disney is now offering are actually quite cool. I sure wouldn’t mind having one myself to stand as an homage to the legendary universe.

The 3D Stormtrooper costume figurine is created by using a high resolution single-shot 3D face scanner created by Disney Research labs. It’s currently available at the D-Tech Me experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It will take the process about 10 minutes to produce the data that it needs to create the costume, and it will be sent to you within 7-8 weeks. The entire experience, including the 3D Stormtrooper costume figurine (shipping and tax not included) will set you back a cool $99.95.

It’s not cheap, but then again, you will after all have your very own Stormtrooper figurine of yourself. That’s something you can’t put a price on if you’re a true fan. The option to 3D print yourself encapsulated in Carbonite is also being brought back. This should be great news for Star Wars fans all around the world who are planning to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you’re looking to get a little bit closer to the franchise you love the most (in this case Star Wars), this 3D Stormtrooper costume figurine service should definitely be something to check out.

3D Print Yourself In A Stormtrooper Costume




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