Displair Makes Midair Touch-Enabled Air Holograms Mainstream

Being a huge science fiction fan has its drawbacks. The one thing that always bugs me is that inventors have pretty much managed to realize most of what we have seen in the movies from the ’80s and the ’90s. However, we are no closer to realizing midair holograms, especially not holograms that we are able to interact with. It would be a huge breakthrough if someone were to create those, right? The Leia hologram from Star Wars is far from perfect, but it is still a lot better than what we are able to create today. If you want a good air hologram today, you will most likely have to spend a pretty buck. Or will you?

People have always tinkered on devices that bring us fake or semi-legit holograms. Sure, they are in every way impressive. However, we are not quite there yet. Maybe the people over at Displair will change all that. They have been tinkering on an air hologram that will most likely blow your mind. Not only is it an air hologram, but it’s also interactive.

The approach of the device is quite unique, at least to me. It seems to use normal air (with a slight tint to it) from which the particles are used to project images, or something like that. The whole thing enables midair air holograms that can be controlled with your hands and fingers. My guess is that a couple of cameras are located at the base of the air hologram device which enable gestures to control the hologram itself. The approach is quite impressive when you start thinking about how simple the model really is. It’s not very easy to create, but in theory, it’s a straightforward process.

The air hologram approach is nothing new, but in combination with touch, gestures and customizable screen sizes, it makes this whole thing an innovation to keep an eye on. With a couple more years of development, it could possibly become the one solution which will actually bring air holograms into our everyday lives. The fact that air can produce such a sharp display is just mind boggling. I am definitely looking forward to seeing where these are headed in the future.

Displair – Midair Air Hologram Displays