DIY | iPhone Binder Clip Dock

Now with the market literally littered with iPhone accessories and companies trying to cash in on this growing phenomena maybe it’s time to embrace the DIY (Do It Yourself) angle of things. In an attempt to find some useful gear for your iPhone I have found this really cool and heavily early industrial look iPhone dock kit. It might not make you the coolest kid on the block (or wait, maybe it will) but at least you’ll have yourself a really cool and functional iPhone dock to grace your iPhone with. Your personal iPhone home if you will.

It’s pretty amazing what this guy does with these Binder Clips if you ask me. The dock is quite useful and looks really cool. I am sure it will have some people turn their heads and also ask you where you’ve gotten your iPhone dock from. I am for sure going to try this one out even if I have one of the more regular iPhone docks already. I’d just like to brag I guess. The impressive factor I am sure is high with this one as you will be able to shine saying you built it yourself. Really genius!

But, be careful. Just as this tutorial says watch your fingers as the binders are quite heavy duty and are able to give you quite a pinch if you’re not paying attention enough. But if you do you are most likely to walk away with both your fingers and hands intact after this open battle between the binders and you most used limbs. Enjoy!