New DIY Cardboard Headphones Invents The Beats For You

These days everyone is hauling around their super tuned headphones. If it isn’t Beats By Dre, it’s Skullcandy headphones, each brand having some amazing technology incorporated into their devices. But there are of course other ways to listen to music that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. An innovative group called the Zimoun Studio has created a device they call Kinetic Headphone that can be described as DIY cardboard headphones.

We know you guys love all of the DIY devices that we share here at Bit Rebels, and these cardboard headphones could definitely be one of coolest devices shared yet. Even though they don’t come with instructions as it would diminish the DIY factor they can still serve as great inspiration for your own creations. So what are these cardboard headphones and why are they so innovative?

For starters, Zimoun Studio’s idea of creation is to use easy to get materials to create advanced mechanical devices that innovate the way we see, hear and feel things (hopefully that was an accurate description of what they do). Their latest creation, the Kinetic Headphone, is built just using 2 dc-motors, cotton balls and 2 cardboard boxes. Yup, that’s about it!

Once turned on, the cotton ball feature dc-motors will make will drum against the cardboard boxes, and as their attachments are flexible they will create irregular rhythms that you have probably not heard before. It is the ultimate way to get a constant renewal of beats and rhythms that we just don’t get in over-produced music these days. Of course, you will have to add the instruments and vocals yourself, but these pretty geeky cardboard headphones will definitely set you apart from your friends, and of course make you stand out in a crowd. Some people would call this creation “hipster headphones” but I don’t quite agree with that statement as they are pretty much just a way to experience new random beats.

Zimoun Studio’s Innovative Cardboard Headphones

Zimoun DIY Cardboard Headphones

Zimoun DIY Cardboard Headphones

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