Docomo Unveils Heads Up Display That Turns Anything Into A Tablet

While competitors are looking to bring the coolest smartwatch or heads up display glasses to the market, Docomo is set on bringing a different kind of experience to the table. Heads up displays are usually very stylized, and the features are very much molded to fit into the small prism glass cube that the image is presented on. With a larger screen, more comprehensive and useful features can be implemented, and that is what Docomo is currently developing.

During CEATEC 2013, Docomo unveiled and demonstrated their new innovation. It’s more of a powerful computer mounted into a pair of glasses which uses augmented reality to project a user interface on anything with a flat surface. The system in itself has taken inspiration from a lot of different innovative technologies, at least that’s what it looks like.

By having the heads up display glasses project the user interface, through augmented reality, on any flat surface you can begin to play around with mid-air gesture controls. This in turn makes the device a whole lot more powerful than what we have so far seen Google Glass do. Docomo’s heads up display glasses are a tool that will size itself to whatever surface size you have, and by doing that, present a more dynamic way of utilizing a virtual interface.

It might sound a little complicated, but when you look at the demonstration of these heads up display glasses, you will understand exactly what I mean. The best way to describe this innovation is to say that it pretty much takes any flat surface you want to use and turns it into a touchscreen tablet. The mid-air gesture controls make the experience very similar to that of a tablet. Docomo experiments with augmented reality in order to show innovators what can be done with augmented reality, and how powerful of a tool it can actually be in our everyday lives.

Docomo’s Augmented Reality Heads Up Display Glasses

Docomo Heads Up Display

Docomo Heads Up Display

Docomo Heads Up Display