Does Samsung Make Good Soundbars?

Samsung is very popular in the TV manufacturing world. One of the main reasons for this are their 4k TV models which set a standard for all the other manufacturers. To be honest, we don’t think someone will manage to make something similar but having high standards can be a good thing, meaning all other manufacturers will do their best to improve their quality, especially in the 4k TV category.

When it comes to TV audio, the situation is pretty much the same. Samsung offers some of the best soundbars available on the market today and they are definitely a good investment for anyone looking to improve its listening experience.

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Our Top 3 Samsung Soundbars In 2020

It is true that Samsung did an excellent job with their 4k TVs and it was very important to complement the amazing picture with a high-quality audio. This is where the Samsung soundbars dominate the market. They easily boost our listening experience and provide nearly cinema-like feeling in the comfort of our home. Although their TVs already come with high-quality speakers the 4K TV picture simply needed a soundbar. And not just any soundbar. Here are the top three Samsung soundbars we highly recommend. And in case you want to read more we recommend you reading some of the in-deep reviews from James Longman.

Samsung Harman/Kardon HW-N850

This soundbar delivers the best from Samsung and Harman Kardon. This cooperation allows both companies to set new standards and deliver top-notch audio quality to our homes.

If you want to drastically improve the audio in your home theater, we highly recommend the HW-N850 Samsung Harman Kardon Soundbar. Thanks to the DTS:X and Dolby Atmos technology your listening experience will get a completely new dimension. It creates a so-called 3D sound and it means that you will be able to hear the sounds exactly as they appear on the TV.

This 300-watts powered soundbar is packed with 13 upward and side-firing speakers accompanied with the DTS:X and Dolby Atmos technologies and guarantees to make you feel like you are in a real cinema. You can also enjoy the latest 4K UHD resolution videos since it supports a 4K pass-through. Pretty amazing, huh?

When it comes to the installation and setup, the process is pretty simple. It integrates seamlessly to most Samsung TVs so whether you are using wired or wireless connection it is ready for use in a minute. Both the soundbar and the TV can be controlled with one remote and you can ever make fine tweaks to the soundbar from the TV menu once you connect them.

Samsung HW-NW700 Soundbar

The main thing about a soundbar is that the average user doesn’t want to spend much time installing it. Instead it is important to start watching movies and enjoying the excellent video and audio as quickly as possible.

The Samsung HW-NW700 Sound+ soundbar can be easily connected to your Samsung TV using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. On top of that you don’t need to use two remotes to control the soundbar and the TV. You can do everything using the Samsung OneRemote Control, from powering the devices on and off, adjusting the volume and much more.

The audio quality of this soundbar is excellent thanks to the seven speakers, HD audio, the dedicated center channel speaker and wide range tweeters. A special attention is being paid to distortion and it is eliminated even before it happens.

It is also Alexa compatible and can be easily connected to all the services you normally use.

HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar

If you are looking for a soundbar with a powerful bass the Samsung HW-N650 Panoramic soundbar is a perfect choice. It comes with a wireless subwoofer which will make sure you get that rumbling bass. The Wireless Rear Surround Kit is designed to help you create a surround sound system from your soundbar without having to deal with wires. And the best thing is that everything works flawlessly.

360 watts is the total power of this 5.1 channel system and the dedicated amps and eight speakers are there to make sure the audio quality is just perfect. The 4k pass-through will help you easily connect the soundbar to your 4k TV. The listening experience is drastically improved with the Acoustic Beam technology.

If you are into gaming you will love this soundbar and its Game mode which is designed especially for gamers. All you have to do is to connect your soundbar to the console and the gaming audio experience will blow you away.

Additionally, in terms of movies and watching TV you will be extremely satisfied with the clarity of dialogues. The main reason for this is the dedicated center channel which does a wonderful job at keeping the voices clear.

If you are still asking yourself whether Samsung makes good soundbars, we need to say that it doesn’t make good ones, this company makes the best soundbars on the market today. The development of the soundbars and the technology and testing are performed in the California Audio Lab. An excellent team of audio engineers uses the latest audio technologies to create the Samsung soundbars which guarantee an excellent, well-balanced sound.

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