Download The Stickybits App & Let The Fun Begin!

We were very fortunate to have had one of our regional heads from our San Fransisco office Mark Himmelsback speak to us this week. I really enjoyed hearing about new trends and getting new information. It gives a person a view of how others experience social media and digital campaigns in general in other parts of the world. The talk was rather informal and Mark gave everyone the chance to ask questions and give feedback, which was enjoyable. He shared with us several case studies and also several applications and how they are used by brands in the US.

One application that I particularly liked is called Stickybits. It is a location based application similar to Foursquare but this application allows you to experience and interact with brands via scanning the product’s bar code. The application is free and available for the iPhone and Android phones. The bar code has a wall of digital content associated with it, and if you are lucky, promotions and deals will be revealed when you scan the codes. Stickybits works with all existing bar codes, QR codes, and custom bar codes. You can add your friends who are users of the application and get extra points by interacting with them. You can also add photos or text to the product that you have scanned. You can share the activities that you have performed on FaceBook and Twitter. You can also add tips and reviews to the products that you scan, and if people scan the same product or code, they will see your review or tip. I have included two videos that can help you understand how the application works.