Dress Up Your iPhone 4 Leica Style!

The iPhone is a great gadget! When my iPhone needed to be reformatted, I did not have it for about two months so I got a Blackberry Bold. I love both phones. They each have their own particular attributes in terms of functions that anyone would love, so I guess it all still comes down to the individual’s particular needs.

I find that the iPhone is really great in terms of the number of apps that you can install, both paid and free. You can really customize it based on your lifestyle and your needs in terms of entertainment and self expression. My favorite thing is really taking photos. Whenever I find something cool while on the go, I can take pictures and share them instantly!

There are also so many available skins that you can buy to customize the look of your iPhone. I found this one particularly interesting. The Leica Look Alike skin is really cool! It is sold for $13, and it turns your iPhone into a Leica camera range finder. It is also quite easy to install and remove.