Driverless Cars Are Coming Sooner Than You May Think [Infographic]

When you think about what cars will look like in the future, what do you imagine? We’ve all seen the science fiction movies where the cars fly in some sort of organized chaos in the sky, which makes sense. When you think about it, driving on roads seems so inefficient and cumbersome. What about self-driving cars? Whenever I think about driverless cars, I am always reminded of the cars in the movie Total Recall. According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), there is a chance that by 2040, 75% of cars will be self-driving.

We all know Google has been working on a driverless car for a while, but now it seems other car makers are getting on board. Can you believe driverless cars could be part of our future, for real? Like I’ve said so many times, when it comes to technology, this is an exciting time to be alive.

Yesterday at CES, Toyota and Audi revealed that they are also working on driverless cars. The Lexus apparently got a lot of people excited, and you can read about it here on LA Times, CNN Money and USA Today. As Lexus is quick to point out, autonomous does not mean driverless. They are simply attempting to enhance the skills of the driver. Hmm…If the car can drive itself, that seems like driverless to me, but I suppose it’s just semantics. This infographic called What Does The Car Of The Future Look Like? by sheds more light on what we have to look forward to.

While we may not have a plastic driver stuffed with electronics to drive us around town in taxis like in Total Recall, the reality of driverless cars is upon us. If the IEEE is correct, and if by the year 2040 75% of cars will be self-driving, then this is one future technology that will affect our lives in our own lifetime. w00t!

Driverless Cars Are Coming Sooner Than You May Think

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