What To Look For In Dry Herb Vaporizers

When you are looking at dry herb vaporizers, you might be overwhelmed with the choice available and rightly so.  There are many different dry herb vaporizers on the market and to choose the right one you need to know what you should be looking out for.  There are several points to consider which will ultimately help you select the right vaporizer for your needs.

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The Portability

The first point you must consider when looking at dry herb vaporizers is how portable they are.  You can get both desktop and portable versions and you need to determine which one you want.  The portable models are ideal if you want to use the vaporizer outside of your home.  Desktop vaporizers are generally too large to transport with ease.

However, you also need to consider the pros and cons of each.  While a portable vaporizer is easier to use on the move, it will have a smaller chamber and shorter battery life.  The desktop vaporizer cannot be moved but will have a larger chamber and will generally run on power from the socket.  Desktop vaporizers will also offer more versatility when it comes to inhaling techniques.

The Heating Method

Once you know the portability you want, you have to look at the heating method.  There are 2 types of heating methods being convection and conduction.  Convection will transfer heat through the air particles while conduction will transfer heat through direct contact.

Convection heating is considered better for dry herb vaporizers because the herbs and heating elements will not come into contact.  With conduction, there is a chance that the herbs will burn, and this will make the vaping process unpleasant.  The problem is that convection vaporizers are more expensive and not all portable vaporizers will offer this.

The Temperature Control

There are some dry herb vaporizers that allow you to adjust the temperature while others have automatic temperature control.  The manual vaporizers will have 3 options which are a digital display, a range of pre-sets and an adjustable knob.  The digital display is the most popular and will provide you with the most precision.

It is important to note that temperature control is not something that all vaporizers need.  If you are new to dry herb vaporizers, you might want to stick to an automatic temperature control vaporizer.  The addition of temperature control could make the process confusing and result in bad vapor if you are not ready for this.

The Power Source

The power source is very important when you look at any vaporizer including a dry herb one.  This will generally be more relevant when you look at portable vaporizers as desktop versions generally use wall adaptors.  Most portable vaporizers will use a rechargeable battery, but there are some that work with butane.

When looking at vaporizers with an internal battery, you must find out about the warranty which covers battery replacement.  You should also look at the average life of each charge before you buy the vaporizer.  This will ensure that you have power in your vaporizer when you want to use it.

Although the aforementioned considerations might sound slightly obvious or over the top, the fact is they will contribute to the overall satisfaction you’ll receive when you purchase a vaporizer that fulfills all your needs, ultimately giving you the best value for your money.

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