Edi-Mobile | The Most Original Cell Phone Ever Made!

Every mobile phone company is furiously releasing new and enhanced cell phones each and every month it seems. Apple, Nokia, Sony/Ericsson etc… all of them are cranking out those bundles of joy. The features they sport are getting more and more advanced and there is no end to what can be incorporated into an even smaller design time after time. However, in a world full of technology, of course there are people who do not want technology to advance. Whether it be that they can’t keep up or just that they are against technology in general doesn’t really matter. They just don’t want to be a part of the technology community that is always changing its face.

Bill Gould is one of those people. He was against  everything remotely in the region of being called a mobile phone. Not so much technology as a whole, just cell phones. But, like so many others, he eventually had to give in, and he bought himself a cell phone.

His friends, who knew of his disdain for mobile phones, were amused by the sudden change of heart and asked him to send them a picture of his new phone. Bill, of course complied and sent them a picture, but not of a phone they were expecting to see. Mr. Gould came up with a joke and created what he called “Edi-Mobile“. This is a name he came up with when associating his “new” phone with the father of telecommunications, Thomas Edison.

Since he had a background in Industrial Archaeology, he created a kind of “steam punk” design which would have brought tears of joy into Mr. Edison’s eyes if he could have seen it.

The crank initiates the call but there is a slide-out dial pad which could come in handy and speaks of a technology long awaiting in the future. However, none of that is as cool as the fact that the phone comes with a 50 lb. lead battery which is needed to operate it. The next generation of “Edi-Mobile” will hopefully include text messaging as well, but expect that to take a few decades to become a reality…