Effect Of Electromagnetic Waves On Brain Activity

Technological advances are making life easier and more fun. We have access to many wonderful inventions that make it possible to admire the world, connect with whoever we want, and have great fun. However, devices such as telephones, televisions, and computers emit radiation that can be hazardous to health and life. One of these negative effects is electromagnetic radiation harmful to the body.

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How Electromagnetic Radiation Acts The Human Brain

Recently, most people have been spending a significant portion of their time on computers and smartphones. In addition to solving work issues, a person has a rest with gadgets, for example, using casino table games. Constant exposure to the electromagnetic field affects the human brain.

The negative influence provokes:

  • depression
  • sleep disorders
  • emotional changes, mood changes, including increased frequency of suicides
  • eye strain and headaches
  • feeling of inner anxiety
  • nervous system problems, including confusion, seizures, dizziness, hyperactivity, and memory loss
  • aggression and irritability

Users who spend most of their day in front of monitors tend to experience similar symptoms. In addition to the negative effect on the brain, electromagnetic waves can provoke many other pathologies.

These include:

  • allergies;
  • autoimmune diseases such as chronic lupus erythematosus and multiple sclerosis;
  • birth defects and genetic abnormalities;
  • cancers of various types, including brain tumors and leukemia;
  • heart attacks;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • more frequent infection with infectious diseases;
  • decreased fertility, miscarriages, and problems during pregnancy;
  • problems with homework in children.

Given the extent to which we are surrounded by artificially generated harmful electromagnetic radiation, it is not surprising that so many people complain of poor health. The effect of the electromagnetic field is cumulative. That is, characteristic signs appear after 5 years of constant exposure to modern gadgets.

The Harmful Influence Of The Computer

A computer, like a television, emits electromagnetic waves that can be harmful to health. Negative radiation comes from the entire device, especially from the back and sides of the monitor.

How to neutralize:

  1. First of all, minimize the time spent at the monitor. Clearly distinguish between work and rest periods, including playing at online casinos.
  2. The electromagnetic potential of the shield is neutralized by the action of water in the air. At high humidity (50-60%) this potential is usually very limited. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a humidifier.
  3. Items near the computer: tabletop, document holders, etc., must be made of anti-static materials. Such materials can discharge electrostatic charges to the ground, which weakens the electromagnetic field in the room.
  4. The room, if there is no air conditioning, should be frequently ventilated.
  5. Houseplants, especially ferns and geraniums, cope well with the problem.
  6. In the room where the computer is located, hang or place rhinestone (it neutralizes harmful radiation) and rinse it with cold water every 2-3 days, otherwise, it will lose its properties.

Computer radiation negatively affects the nervous system, so it is worth eating foods rich in magnesium and vitamin B.

Cell Phones

Electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones are classified as microwaves, as their frequency ranges from 300 MHz to 300 GHz. When a mobile phone is turned on, even if we are not talking on it, it emits dangerous radiation over an area of about 1.5 m. One of the common threats that mobile phones are accused of is brain cancer. Therefore, the habit of sleeping with the phone next to the bed is harmful.

What else is a smartphone dangerous:

  1. One of the reasons (especially for delicate children’s organisms) is the habit of hanging phones around their necks. In this case, the effect is no longer on the brain, but on the unprotected internal organs.
  2. The action of electromagnetic waves from the phone promotes the precipitation of hemoglobin from red blood cells. And too much hemoglobin in the human body can lead to heart problems and kidney stones.
  3. We hold our mobile phone mainly at the temporal bone, which is the thinnest bone in the skull, that is, a very weak protective barrier for the brain.
  4. Subsequent research shows that radiation from cell phones can negatively affect living tissue and damage the DNA code. These results were obtained from laboratory tests.

How to neutralize negative consequences:

  1. Close contact with a mobile phone should be avoided. When we are not using it, have it lie in the next room or at least 2 meters away from us.
  2. We remove the phone as far as possible at night.
  3. Instead of carrying it in your pocket, carry your phone in your bag over your shoulder.
  4. It is imperative to do the time of conversations or entertainment on the Internet using a smartphone. It is especially harmful to play or chat at night.

What conclusions can be drawn? It may be worth giving up on some technical solutions for better functioning, health, and well-being.

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