eJOUX: Brilliantly Clever Digital and Interactive Jewelry

When checking out new concepts and designs, I always get a little eager to actually see them in person. Sure, sometimes things tend to be a little too over the edge, but that doesn’t matter. As long as they are within the reach of my lifetime, I am all good with it. What I especially like is that technology has somewhat shifted sides from being just a handy, useful tool, to instead, focusing a bit more on the visual presentation and interactivity. So many times I have seen a new device flop just because the visual experience isn’t up to par, even though the usefulness of the device is beyond anything else.

That’s why I like the concept of eJOUX, designed by Biju Neyyan. It revolves all around the visual experience, and it speaks to your every sense. Not only will it give you a visual experience that will most likely stun everyone around you, but you will have a great time interacting with it as well. Not too long ago, I wrote about a bracelet and a ring that had all of the above but the visual presentation wasn’t as great as this one.

The eJOUX will most likely present not only a cool and clever slide show of “things,” but it will most likely also show you caller ID, schedules and a boat load of things that are useful to you during your busy days. Right now the device works off bluetooth, and you will be able to upload your designs and shows. You can also upload music and use the bracelet as a visual presenter of your music. In the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if you will be able to get pretty much any social networking experience directly on your wrist in a full visual experience. After all, the bracelet is a fully functioning circular screen. The future is looking good!