What People Consider To Be Email Spam [Infographic]

It’s an interesting paradox knowing that we continue to use email more and more, yet less and less email gets through to the recipient. Our spam filters are getting ever more sophisticated, and along with that comes a whole jungle of requirement flags an email has to clear in order to get through. Soon we won’t be able to even send each other an introduction email without it ending up in the spam box. So what do people really consider email spam, and how do we deal with it?

People have a wide range of opinions when it comes to email spam. For some, it’s as plain as another email that ends up in their email spam box, while for other people, it’s the scum of the earth worth any amount of resources to pursue the origin and stop. It’s a sensitive topic, and one worth looking closer at. The reason why email spam has become such a sensitive subject is of course because currently we are sent spam in such high volumes. It’s sometimes even hard to find the regular emails which end up in the email spam box because the spam filter is so wired up. It’s not a good situation at all.

There’s no doubt that spam prevention technologies have become advanced and sophisticated, but as with everything, when things get more complex, there are drawbacks. It’s quite easy to label an email as spam even though it’s not. For example, an introduction email from someone wishing to build a business relationship with another person can be seen as spam by one person while not at all by another. How do you sort that in the grand scheme of things?

In this infographic presented by Flowtown, we get a wider look at what people consider to be spam and what they expect to be done about it. This infographic called What Do People Think Of Spam? will allow us to face our own opinions about spam in a way that I don’t think we have done before. With a few simple questions, email spam is explained by the majority of people, and the opinions are quite different. What is your opinion about email spam? What is the solution?

Email Spam – Opinions & Explanations

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